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Grunt & Tower Defender​

In this TD you must build towers to defend your Powergenerator.Towers can only be build on grass but barracks can be build on blight.
Grunts are designed to slow enemies down but not to kill them, because towers are there to kill enemies. There is several different tower types from slowing to wavering.
You can also use magic abilities from your Magic tower close to the Powergenerator, These abilities vary from Tornadoes to Timestops.To charge your Magic tower with mana you need to pay gold.
There is goblin vendors that sell all sorts of widgets and tools, also they can trade your gold into timber and vice versa.
There is also hidden features in this map.

Pictures related to this map.

Creep Movement

Loading Screen

A picture of the towers and the worker

Overview of the whole map.

Detailed explanation of the towers in this map in text
The towers in this map are the following:

This tower serves as a fast filler and also gives adjacent towers an attackspeed aura. Higher levels of this tower increase the tower's damage and the aura's power.

Shocker Tower:
This tower will shoot lighting bolts that bounce from enemy to enemy dealing high damage. Higher levels will increase tower's damage and the amount of bounces the projectiles make.

Splash Tower:
This tower is your typical "Explosive cannon tower of doom" it shoots rockets that explode thus dealing damage to every unfriendly unit in the radius of the explosion. Higher level increase fire rate, damage and little extra on the last level.

Slow poison tower:
This tower is designed to slow enemies down whilst doing slow damage. Higher ranks increase fire rate, slow effects power and damage.

Typhooning Tower:
This tower shoots typhoons at its foes dealing high damage. These typhoons will hit every unit in the area much like shockwave. Higher ranks increase the fire rate of said typhoons.

Fiery Tower:
This tower is for those who want fire in the fields. This tower will shoot fire projectiles at all enemies that are nearby. Higher Levels increase the fire rate and damage.

That should be it i hope. So comment if you choose to download it. All criticism is welcome share your mind. Also Multiplayer is not tested properly.
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