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FINISHED 7:45pm.

well, after finishing my PoP:TTT game, i wanted to make a prince of persia skin for the Demon Hunter.

here's what the prince looks like:

i couldn't find some references to C'n'P YET, so i mostly drew it FREEHAND... with a MOUSE... 'cause i dont have a stylus...

i drew the freehand layer by layer in the psd file so the freehand will be
replaced later.

here's the unwrap:

now, the wrap:

what i really need for now:

i need recommendations for good premade blizzard skins where i can copy-n-paste fabric samples, bandages, clothes... 'cause my freehand sucks... and looks really flat.

parts list:

buckler : lich king
bandages : akama
shirt : witch doctor
kneepads : bloodmage
sash : lich
feet n hands : recolored from my azinoth skin

*shortened pants and ears.



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Great job on your WIP, here are some suggestions:

Alpha out the ears.
Try to change his hair.
Try to remove most of the demon hunters original cloth and hair.
Try changing his weapon do something else.


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Waaaaaaaaaaa......I really need this model, but i cant seem to use it on the Demon Hunter... what am i doing wrong?? Plz help!! I promise to give you full credit on my map!
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