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    Dendy (Russian: Де́нди) was a Taiwanese hardware clone of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), produced for the Russian market. It was released in the early 1990s by the Steepler company. Since no officially licensed version of the NES was ever released in the former USSR, the Dendy was easily the most popular video game console of its time in that region, and enjoyed a degree of fame roughly equivalent to that experienced by the NES/Famicom in North America and Japan

    ////////////////////////////////////////// VERY RARE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    This console is very rare!
    Online, he is almost impossible to find, even in used condition.

    This is even UNOPENED! Completely new in the package!

    The reason I throw it out it is because I have owned two AND now i need money to buy me a ps4

    You can start offering From 70€ / 93$

    Send me a mail or a PM

    (Shipping at your costs)
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    Hi, is your Dendy still for sale? Also, is it the original model? Thanks

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