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    Can someone explain to me how SC2 dependencies work - I feel like I am missing some fundamentals or something as I keep getting errors related to them

    what (think) I know:
    Dependencies can be local or from, local ones are typically stored under C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Mods

    Dependencies for maps are downloaded along with the map when played on and share the same .s2ma filetype, and thus can be found under C:\ProgramData\Blizzard Entertainment\\Cache typically (sorting by timestamp helps), and the file name is some sort of hash of the real name

    What I run into: in order to change a map's dependency so that I can use a local file as opposed to a file, I need to open up the map - that's fine, I get the warning that the dependency could not be loaded, etc. (no longer exists on - so I go and fix it - but then if I save the map, I save it with the fixed dependency, but with the stuff from the dependency not loaded (and I get all sorts of param values instead of text for example)

    P.S. - aside from models/music/art, what else can be stored in dependencies? trigger libraries? units? terrain? is there anything to prevent a map from being a "shell" or a "skin" to a dependency?

    And since they share the same extension when downloaded (.s2ma), what really is the difference between a sc2 map and a sc2 dependency?
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    I've retracted to become quite the lurker as I'm waiting for LotV before I wanna return to modding. I choose to believe that this is the case with a few other people here.

    Dependencies: I have not worked with custom dependencies, and honestly I can not really see the benefit of doing so?
    So sadly I cannot even point you in the right direction. The only thing I can think of, is to ask on SC2 Mapster, or the official forums o_O
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    As far as I'm aware, SC2 map files use the extension SC2Map while mod/dependency files have the extension SC2Mod. I think the s2ma extension is something special that is only used by the cache.
    Can you use the SC2 Editor to download the mod file then save it in your Mod folder? You can open file from by going File -> Open then clicking on the tab
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    can't seem to find it there, but it does get downloaded as part of the map from, thus the cache thing (s2ma) and me attempting to get it from there (which I can get/open up), but then combining the map + the extension is something that doesn't work (or I don't know how) - yes, they are a PITA, but I think the main feature is that the can act like a "library" and thus you can share them across multiple maps - i.e. say you have a scoreboard dependency, and when you update it due to LOTV breaking it, you can fix it in one place and leave the rest the way it is - or if you want to have a shared bank file across multiple maps, etc.

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