Destroying Trigger


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function StopMovingUnitXY takes trigger t returns nothing
    call FlushChildHashtable(udg_SkillTable, GetHandleId(t) )
    call DestroyTrigger(t) 
function MoveUnitXY takes unit wUnit, real speed, real X, real Y, trigger exec returns trigger
    local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
    call SaveReal(udg_SkillTable, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("X"), X)
    call SaveReal(udg_SkillTable, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("Y"), Y)
    call SaveReal(udg_SkillTable, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("speed"), speed)
    call SaveUnitHandle(udg_SkillTable, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("wUnit"), wUnit)
    call SaveTriggerHandle( udg_SkillTable, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("Exec"), exec )
    call TriggerRegisterTimerEvent(t, udg_updateSpeed, true)
    call TriggerAddAction(t,function MoveProc)
    return t

so this is a part of code that got me confused, how does DestroyTrigger() works? i meant a simple GUI i create never have DestroyTrigger() in it, so i'm kinda confused on how it works

and also i don't get how a trigger that doesn't have any events can run in WC3, i meant when i create a trigger, it is used to add condition, events, and action to another trigger (gg_trg from GUI), for example on that JASS, local trigger t surely has event and action since it is added by function MoveUnitXY, but function MoveUnitXY itself doesn't have event to make itself fire its actions


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DestroyTrigger() works by destroying the trigger. You probably aren't familiar with it because there is no GUI action for destroying triggers, only disabling (or turning off) them.

MoveUnitXY is probably called in another script which has an event. All things require an event to work.


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^no MoveUnitXY is like when a GUI trigger is converted to a custom text and has something like gg_untitled_trigger001 on the very bottom of the custom script, i see it only add event and condition, but that function itself doesn't has event

and about the DestroyTrigger() does that meant in GUI event a leakless trigger will still leaks a trigger since the trigger isn't destroyed?

something like this

function Trig_Untitled_Trigger_001_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
function InitTrig_Untitled_Trigger_001 takes nothing returns nothing
set gg_trg_Untitled_Trigger_001 = CreateTrigger( )
call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Untitled_Trigger_001, function Trig_Untitled_Trigger_001_Actions )

function InitTrig_Untitled_Trigger_001 adds action to function gg_trg_Untitled_Trigger_001 with the action comes from Trig_Untitled_Trigger_001_Actions, but i have no idea how come function InitTrig_Untitled_Trigger_001 can fire his adding action without it having an event itself
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