Detect who is Host?

Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by CEMEHbl4, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. CEMEHbl4

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    In the WE Unlimited here was a half working function to detect in game who is a host!
    something like "get_host"

    I wonder is here in GE - some way to detect in game who is a host?
  2. CEMEHbl4

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    Cant make 7x7 AOS game!

  3. Ancanus

    Ancanus []# _

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    Battle.Net is host. =)
  4. United

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    I believe it to be possible if you ventured far enough into game attributes. You would have to set up the host to always have a "Host" attribute assigned to him. So create a new game attribute named Host. Make this a Player attribute or else this will not work. Make it a locked attribute. Host as default. You could check hidden, too, the host has no need to see it.) This could then be looked up with a comparison (you have to pick Attribute Player Value, then for its value pick your Host attribute you created.

    from my head...

            General - If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
                    (Host value for player 1) == "Host"
                    hostPlayer = player 1
                    hostPlayerName = (Text(Name of Player(1)))
    I hope there is any easier way?
  5. Joker(Div)

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  6. CEMEHbl4

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    thx... very interesting...
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  7. Sevion

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    Um. Dude...

    "No one" is host because all games are hosted by Blizzard.
  8. ZugZugZealot

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    If it's because you want to choose game settings like "all pick|all random", "life count: ##", "trader|no trader" from any slot. Then you don't need to determine the game creator or host. You can make customs options that can be done in pre-creation now.
  9. Sensang

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    thats just half true. There are indeed hosts, but in the end Blizzard is the "real" hosts. The others are just able to start the game and swap the players around.

    Btw. in my experience you can't change player slots. So if the teams are triggered within the game, player 1 will be the first person who joined for example.
    Who is the host usually btw ^^

    Someone had to double check... Creating a map where player 1 gets determined host and before in the lobby they couldve changed team or even changed host, it would still function that way. From what I've tested.
  10. cleeezzz

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    ive also noticed that, and i think its stupid as sh*t

    hopefully blizzard wont leave it like that. most of the custom games i played on bnet had screwy forces. GUYS KILL THE ZERGLINGS, THEY"RE ATTACKING US!!! wait.. why does it say the zerglings are allies?
  11. SerraAvenger

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    Because they didn't use my TeamLib!
  12. Dan

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    if you go under Game Attributes you can make an attribute that can be set to "host only" ... but alas I have no idea what you do with those.
  13. Daskunk

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    He meant who was in command of the lobby. And that is clearly labeled "Host" in the lobby, so that is what he called it. You can argue that it isn't technically the "Host", but that isn't his fault. That is what blizzard calls it. It was a funny joke when Ancanus first said it, but its not really helpful anymore. :p
  14. United

    United New Member

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    I talked about it a little above... you're on the right track. :)
    I can do it using game attributes.
  15. Drakethos

    Drakethos Preordered Sc2 ftw!

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    GE has a lot of more power, so I'm sure there's a way to do it, its just a matter of figuring out how to us GE. Its new and glossy and has lots of unexplored features, give it a few months and there will be SC nerds all around unlocking the secrets of GE :p.

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