Gaming Diablo 4 Reportedly Set for April 2023 Launch

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Another day, another release day rumor, this one about Blizzard's upcoming Diablo 4.

If these reports are true, the highly-anticipated RPG will reportedly open up for pre-orders next month, launch in early access in February, and be fully released in April 2023.

That's according to the XboxEra podcast - and backed up by Windows Central - which believe we'll have these Diablo 4 details confirmed at the upcoming The Game Awards, which is set for December 8.

Is it a certainty? Certainly not. But it all sounds perfectly possible, not least because the RPG is already in closed beta testing, so an open beta test is the next logical step, of course.

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When they announced it and said that it would be something like "not even Blizzard soon" I said it sounded like Spring 2023. Lo and behold.
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