Dialogs or Hero Taverns?

Which is better?

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I've created a map called Mini WoW Arena (link: http://www.thehelper.net/forums/showthread.php?p=677636) and it's still in starting progress. For now I'm using dialogs to choose your Hero class. However, several suggestions were made to use Hero Taverns, so I decided to make a poll so I can know which thing do most of you prefer :)
So what will it be?
- Dialog
- Hero Tavern
- Something else (say what)
I prefer to taverns. There you can write some background story, show attributes, abilities and other information.


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Depends on how the dialogue is made. Ever played TES: Daggerfall, or Ancient Domains of Mystery? Basically, there's a heap of generic events in your characters histrory which you decide one of x outcomes - based on your choices, you generate a character with attributes matching your choices.

Yea, I imagine it'd be a pain to make, but it'd also be awesomely cool.


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I suggest Taverns, mainly because it's way easier to get to know the hero a bit.


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They are better for different things. If its a short little game then diologs becuase it mkaes the game look cool snazzey and any n00b whos trying to steal triggers dunno whats wat lol

But hero taverns are good becuase you get infomation on the Hero...

but after all that i'd have to say Taverns becuase i like getting girls pissed and having sex!!!! :nuts:


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Dialogs are alright for the smaller and lesser important selection thing.
But I really prefer taverns for heroes.
Because they, as everyone said, give a little background information.
Plus they, what noone said, show an icon. I personaly love to see hero icons, they give a first impression of the hero you're about to pick.
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