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Here be the problem readers :3
A week ago, i did a Disk Defrag (hadn't done one in a long while) during the night. It took roughly 14 hours to complete (i was shocked it took that long) and after that its caused several problems to my hard drive.

After the disk defrag completed, the next day, my computer had to perform several hard drive repairs, and got it working again after a few hours. I then had to go away for a week and come back.

Now that i've returned, i noticed that starting up the computer takes alot longer than usual, and a few hours in, the computer detected a hard drive error, and that i should backup my files and repair/replace the hard drive.

Any solutions to this error? Or will i have to backup and replace the harddrive which i really dont want to do :(


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It sounds like it might be a physical problem with the hard drive, unfortunately. There are some programs out there that can do scans of your hard drive to detect such problems, so I would try that first.

But before you do anything, IMMEDIATELY backup any data you want to save from this hard drive if you haven't already. If it does go bad, you don't want to lose all your files and so on.


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Definitely backup immediately. I also recommend performing a scan disk (My Computer > Right click hard drive > Properties > Tools) which will identify any physical flaws on your hard drive, and block them off so that you don't lose data. If the hard drive is severly damaged and/or wearing out though, it's time to replace it. Hard drives are expected to eventually wear out, unfortunately.


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If you had you're computer for a long time (2 years or more) open it up and unplug everything from you're hard disk and clean the cables, then plug them back in. Do it after the backup, and if you don't find many/any problems with it.

The cable tends to lose contact after a while, my friend had a similar issue which was resolved in this method ^^
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