AoS Dissidia Kingdom

Hello I am currently working on a map called Dissidia Kingdom which will showcase popular Final Fantasy characters and Disney Characters in AoS gameplay but with a few additions to the gameplay.

So I have a big project ahead of me and would like some help. If you want to help create the first Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts map contact me here. I could use a well used Jass programmer aswell as More Hero/Item Suggestions!

1) How do i win? Well instead of the regular AoS victory condition, Dissidia Kingdom requires you to kill either Chaos or Cosmos who attack back when struck to win depending on which side your on instead of a normal building.

2) There is 3 lanes like an AoS but each lane with have a "Neutral Base" in the middle of each lane and each will be a theme of a world from Kingdom hearts. The bases will be there to be fought over to get a bonus during the gameplay. [The bonus is not currently decided yet]


Dissidia Kingdom is a game in the world of Final Fantasy Characters and Kingdom hearts characters. Chaos the God of Destruction from Final Fantasy Dissidia brought the Heartless and Nobodys to the Dissidia World to cause destruction. Can Cosmos bring the world back to peace by bringing in more heroes to balance this world with good and evil?

Starting Characters for First Version
Scar [Disney]
Pete [Disney]

Overview Map

Top Lane {Pride Lands}

Mid Lane {Destiny Islands}

Bot Lane {Hallow Bastion}

Progress on Map
Heroes: 0%
Terrain: 95%
Models: 100%
Triggers: 10%


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
I would be glad to help.

Maybe I could trigger stuff for you, and I could also help with very nice tooltips. It pisses me off when I see horrible tooltips. I could also help with ability ideas, I play Dissidia, so I was wondering if there is going to be an EX-Mode/Ex-Burst system? I could help out with that.
Posted Screenshots of Some of the Terrain. I am still looking for a person to help me with JASS spells. Hopefully I will find one here soon! <3


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
That is nice :D So arenas change right?

I think Order's/Cosmo's Sanctuary would be nice. Or whatever you call that place where you do the tutorial.
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