do I need 50 buttons?


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This are my units

- marine 1
- marine 2
- marine 3
- marine 4
- marine 5

- stalker 1
- stalker 2
- stalker 3
- stalker 4
- stalker 5

- hydralisk 1
- hydralisk 2
- hydralisk 3
- hydralisk 4
- hydralisk 5

- marauder 1
- marauder 2
- marauder 3
- marauder 4
- marauder 5

- roach 1
- roach 2
- roach 3
- roach 4
- roach 5

- templar 1
- templar 2
- templar 3
- templar 4
- templar 5

(sorry for spamming)

Now all units having the ability to morph to a level up, except the 5th unit ofcourse, that's the max

I created 2 buttons:

1. upgrade unit in special effect
2. upgrade unit in pure damage


Is it possible to create the same 2 buttons in all units 1/4?
I don't like to create 50 upgrade buttons



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You can link multiple upgrades to a single button but no matter what those upgrades will have the same exact text, so yes and no. If you want individual button text for each upgrade, ie. Marine Level 2 Damage: 5-10 Range: 10 and Marine Level 3 Damage :15-25 Range: 10 Then I don't believe you can use the same button.


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It's the point where I doubting about

What if the text of the button ONLY would be:

1. upgrade unit in special effect
2. upgrade unit in pure damage

Would it be possible now?
If yes, then I still getting problems to set the morph-ability to the correct unit I guess?


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I would suggest just copy and pasting the buttons for as many as you need as the game uses buttons to determine the actions that take place. So I would still have to say no its not possible the way you want to do it.

Edit: I have used the same button and same ability actually for multiple upgrades before, however in doing so the unit was actually upgraded from a trigger that ran when the unit used its upgrade ability. But using the morph ability and its effects I believe you will need a separate button for each morph ability.


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You can have the same buttons but you will need to create separate morph abilities.


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I already had that in mind, but how do I prevent from morphing into 24 units while pressing the ability?

(I assume this will happen if I use all morph abilities for the same button)
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