do these behaviors exist?

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    I almost finished my tower defence map (Garden Tower Defence 2)
    I was wondering if the next behaviors exists or are possible to create some other way:

    1. add 10 damage to the maximum damage

    My immortal deals 10-50 damage, so with this behavior it must deal 10-60 damage

    2. 1% chance to deal a critical 5x damage

    I already set the weapon of the units, so how am I able to 'add' this in the weapon?

    3. add 5% extra to effects

    My immortal has 5% chance to stun enemies, but with this behavior he must have 10% chance

    4. remove tower weakness

    For example, my queen and hydralisk shoots 50% damage to zerg units
    With this behavior, they must shoot 100% damage to zerg units

    (marine deals 50% to terran units, same counts for the marine)

    These behaviors are not a 'must' but it would be nice to add them as extra effect in the game

    NOTE: every 10 waves, 1 of these behaviors/bonusses appears in the command center as an ability - target


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