General Don’t blame inequality just on the ‘Fat Cats’

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    Unofficially, the 4th January this year was dubbed ‘Fat Cat Thursday’. Granted, it’s not a well-known day, but it was introduced for a sobering reason.

    It highlights the fact that by 4th January, only a few days into the new year, some of the world’s highest-paid CEOs had already earned more than an average employee can expect to pocket in an entire working year.

    Rising income inequality is getting increasing attention in the developed world and the eye-watering salaries of some corporate CEOs have received regular flak from academics and researchers.

    In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, French economist and author Thomas Piketty argues that the top one per cent of earners now include more CEOs receiving salaries than people who inherited wealth. Professor Piketty concluded that income inequality is primarily caused by the unprecedented salaries earned by ‘super managers.’

    Read more here. (University of Melbourne)

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