dont understand why there is none... [ICONS]

Nivius Regular
so im got 3 different Immolation for 3 different units, but i want 3 different icons also...

so the normal Immolation icon only works on fire Immolation (the color)

so can anyone make a green and a blue one fast?

Nivius Regular
Do you want the turned on and off icon or only one of them?
only the turn on button, one blue, and one green...

i tried do it myself

green pic was here
blue pic was here

i got them in tga, so im gona make them blp and upload them to the hive then

(im gona work abit more whit the blue one) also dont wind teh quality of the pic, its better in tga :)


im not uploading them, they whant an grayed out version also, and this skill dont need that... so thats it, only i are gona use it :)
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