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    Doom 1 and 2 are great games, and are better than almost all modern FPS shooters, like COD and BF3.
    Why do I think this? Because it's hard, you have to use your resources wisely. Instead of Sub Machine gunning every single person, sniping some guy in the head from 50 metres away, you have to use the shotgun and blast your way through hundreds of monsters, and then by the fiftieth monster, your ammo is no more. When your ammo is no more, you can't go to an ememy and get their gun. You have to either change gun, or pick up more of that ammo type (items on the ground, shotgunners). Also, you don't start off with the shotgun, you start off with a pistol. You go around, trying to find secrets, getting their items. Sometimes it's something epic, like full health, or sometimes it's a better gun. Doom is a a 2.5D game, and the game won't have their hand on your back. Instead, it puts you right there on the spot, turn the corner... BAM, fire coming at you, or a machine gunner starts shooting, killing your ass. There are no checkpoints, so when you die, you die. You restart the mission EVEN if you got to the end.

    This game is such a joy, because if you use the best weapon too much, you'll lose your ammo. There are a total of 8 weapons in the game. And 6 of them you find,
    1. Your pistol. Your have your trusty pistol for a shortwhile, but if your playing on easy, all the way.
    2. Your fists, haha. Try punching a machine gunner to death in COD... Oh wait, you CAN'T!
    Those are the two guns you have.
    3. Shotgun, if your playing on harder diffuculties, you kill two shotgunners and get the shotgun on the first map.
    4. The Machine Gun, you get this later on in the game and uses the same ammunition as a pistol, it deals the same amount of damage as the pistol, but it's automatic.
    5. The Rocket, you don't get much ammunition.. But... IT'S FUCKING FUNNY TO SEE THE END RESULT!
    6. The Whassamacallit. This is the name of a gun I don't know, it's automatic, deals alot of damage, but you don't find much ammunition for it.
    7. The BFG. Stands for 'The Big Fucking Gun,' as you may imagine.... It's big. It will kill any monster on impack, and deal damage to those around it. It's the best and biggest gun in the game, but it takes a lot of ammunition... You only use it on bosses.
    8. The Chainsaw... Upgrade to teh fists... but isn't it funny to see something not being able to shoot, and having a spasm?

    As you can see, I really love this game... CoD is OK, but... it's too easy.
    There are two bosses in the game, as well as harder creeps. The BFG doesn't kill everything in one hit, but it does severe damage to anything. It also kills those shotgunners and pistolmen in one hit, but it's expensive to use.

    You might be left with one question: "This is singleplayer, it's shit!" Just... just wait... It's not only singleplayer, it's Multiplayer too. Multiplayer is a bit easier, except when you die... You lose everything. Even the BFG... Goodluck getting that one back! But, Multiplayer is a bit hard to set up.
    As you may have been able to tell, I fucking love this game. It's not easy, and no game should ever be easy. You have to use the keyboard to play, but you can also get mods to let you use the mouse and WASD, it takes longer to set up though.
    Overall enjoyment: High. This is something you'd play when you have time to spare, say 10-20 minutes. You could get 2--8 maps done.

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