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Now I am confused. Has it been released yet? It is frequently in the top 10 most played games on Steam.


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It's on closed beta most likely. I still haven't got my key. :(
I guess I'll have to stick to LoL until then, but hey! LoL's everything you need! Everything's k when you have some oranges and a PC that can run LoL.

PS. Jindo does your avatar have Fiddlesticks in it?


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PS. Jindo does your avatar have Fiddlesticks in it?
That's what I've been thinking, too.

LoL is, eh, it gets old.

DotA 2 is okay. I mean it's basically DotA, ha. I'm still not too keen on the interface but we'll see how it goes over time.
Some of the effects I like, others I feel like they just left out for no reason. Like the fountain, there's no shiny effects when you go in the fountain, you just walk in!
Some areas they tried too hard to make it more unique, but it ends up just being difficult and annoying, like taking an extra step for a simple process. Things aren't as obvious, not in a dumb way, but in the way that it should be more obvious. Maybe it's because I've played HoN for a while now, but the HoN interface just seems more professional and practical. But we shall see.
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