dota allstars 6.13


It only does everything.
im pretty sure IceFrog has a good comp..

but anyways u can prolly paste 10 at a time and save up a lot of time to make uhmm what number 100,000,000? lol


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Wc3 map Optimizer 3.3's "Make world editor Crash" feature added a bogus war3map.w3r file that made the world editor go crazy loading thousands of rects.

That wasn't included in next versions cause I found other ways to make it crash


yea if you guys want to go try it out use the first edition og 3.3 optonizer, and use make we crash, and it loads over 1 million regions. i used it to protect my map and tried to open it to see what would happen and i tought it was pretty cool.

btw - 6.13 is sooooooooo buggy.
tauren, anti mage both get 40% more xp than other heros. a lot of icons are broken. many other things are now broken that used to be fixed.. very bad patch. if you want to mess around with it go play magina and get to level 20 when everyone else is lvl 10 and you will see what i mean.


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I'd like to mention something.
1) someone should create a different cool map called DOTA (Demonic Oranges that are, or something like that) and have 30 bots host it 24/7
2) Is it still in beta? why can't they just balence the crap, and just RELEASE IT!!!!!!!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND STUPID DOTA PEOPLE!!!! *flips out and gnaws off own theigh*
3) dota has too many heros, and no unique skins, witch shows lack of effort (sorry about typos, me brain stops working around 8...)
4) lets play Viewtiful Joe 2 instead, its awesome
5) I can't find my Warcraft disk! gah!
6) this is getting off topic, isn't it?

to sum up, enmity campeign and ToB (also stands for Tournement of Bands) are the two best AoEs out there. I don't know about the others because of lack of hosting and lack of friends online... :(
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    I must be in a test server.
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    Nice, Twitter tweets embedding now works
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    @tom_mai78101 Hello there.
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    Tagging works in the chat too.
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    @Ghan Missed it.
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    Still fixing things here and there. Added widgets to the portal, will make it match the ones here on the forum index tomorrow.
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    The venerable World Editor Tutorials site has been converted to HTTPS at last.
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    and I can even edit my messages, nice
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    Hello there
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    this new chatbox is great and the forum software update is great too
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    upgrade has fixed forum registration spam problem
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    Something tells me we might be able to customize the chatbox a bit, considering that there's a gap under every message.
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    Going to deploy a fix soon, just had to take some time for myself this weekend.
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    Unbelievable. Time for yourself? How dare you!
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    Hm, it is now harder to type anything on an Android phone. Pressing Backspace or Enter keys will dismiss the Android keyboard for some reasons.
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    Just noticed there's a delay of at least 2 minutes before each post. Guess I can't post Headline News quickly as I used to.
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    As far as I can tell, there are definitely things I need to get accustomed to first.
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    FCC is cracking down recently

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