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  1. WarLuvr3393

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    DotA Tower Defense


    Hello TheHelper. I'm an old member here and I'm currently working on a project to make DotA (Defense of the Ancients) a Tower Defense. I was currently working with two other people but my inactivity on the map caused me to lose these two guys. I was inactive due to school and business but now I'm stuck with nothing to do. So, with that being said, let's go to the overview.


    This game will be a 5 versus 5 game. The gameplay will be a Team Tower
    . Basically, what this is, is there will be 5 players on a team. Each player will have a choice to choose an attribute-type hero, which builds the heroes of that attribute in DotA. For example, if you were to pick the Scourge intellect builder, you are able to build a Lich (int hero) but not Clinkz (agi hero). Repicks will be allowed after a certain time limit. Each team will be responsible for building towers on their side while buying creeps to send on the other side. The ultimate goal is to get the creeps to their "Ancient" (the main building) and take away lives depending on the creep sent. The towers will be heroes from DotA and will have custom spells (depending on the hero) that will be used as a defense mechanism. Some spells may NOT have the same function they have in DotA.

    There will also be a "Tier Building", which is a building that must be upgraded in order to reach the next tier of heroes and creeps. (ex: Tier 2 requires the Tier 2 Building, etc.) Both towers and creeps will be based on this tier building.

    Creeps will have different tiers as well. There will also be different types of creeps such as normal, bosses, fast, magic immune, etc.

    Previews of the Map

    I've already started working on this project. I have a bunch of screenshots to prove it (WARNING! PICTURE HEAVY!):

    Scourge Tower Tiers:

    Intellect Heroes

    Agility Heroes

    Strength Heroes

    Current Minimap (Subject to Change!):


    Sentinel Builders:


    Scourge Builders:


    What I Need

    The terrain and units are all done and I do need Beta Testers. I need:
    • People that can do all the repetitive work (Editting tower upgrades, unit descriptions, unit buildings, builder taverns, etc.)
    • People that KNOW JASS and can CODE SPELLS
    • People with good ideas
    • People who are active and can help with production
    • People who are dedicated to the project and can help

    Where to Go

    I have a forum up and running. It's an Invisionfree forum but I've editted a little bit so it wouldn't look so standard. Here's the link:

    *If you are interested to help this project, please REGISTER to the forums and post an application in the "Staff Application" forum.

    If you are interested in the project and would like to check it out, register and check out the updates forum. It should be updated at least 3-5 times a week with new stuff.

    Added Updates topic!
    Click here for the topic.

    Well, that's all I've got to say, I hope you'll help me out :p

    ~WarLuvr3393 (A.K.A. Spiky)
  2. D.V.D

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    I have one question, why do you need jass coders?
  3. Ghostwind

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    LOL this sounds so awesome. xD

    Anyways, I think the builders should not be heroes. They should be the shopkeepers, like the recipe shop 1 would be the first builder, recipe shop 2 the second, recipe shop 3 the third and so forth.
  4. Flare

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    Because JASS is win :p

    Damn right :D Never really been a fan of DotA, but the heroes are pretty cool.

    I could make a few spells (if I have any time). Just lemme know what exactly you want, and I'll see if I can do it (bear in mind, I did say a few so don't get your hopes up that I'll do everything :p)
  5. thewrongvine

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    lol, not exactly a fan of DotA, but this would be pretty cool. Would the hero-towers still attack? or would they rely on skill? :thup:
  6. WarLuvr3393

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    Some spells in DotA require MUI, which GUI DOESN'T support, so JASS is required to have certain spells in the game.

    If you're interested to help the project, then please sign up for the forums and tell me what spells you can do. Remember, coding like 2-3 spells allows me to code other spells so it'll make the playable beta come out sooner.

    The towers have their own physical attack, but they will also have spells as well. :)

    Glad to see some people are interested in this project. Sign up on the forums if you can.
  7. Flare

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    That's bullsh*t. I've made more than enough MUI spells in GUI :p

    Ugh... name a spell, tell me what it does, and I should be able to tell you if I can do it. I don't play DotA much, so I don't really know the spells too well

    Also, what about systems used for the spells? Anything you specifically want used, or not used?
  8. Oninuva

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    Liar. You are dota fanboy. :)

    Anyways, isn't this DotA discussion?

    DOTA FTW. :thup:
  9. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    If you like it so much, sign up for the forums. :p
  10. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    I am now accepting more Beta Testers since I may have lost some for the inactivity of the map in the past so sign up and apply before you lose your spot. This map is going to be CLOSED BETA meaning only people that apply are the only ones testing it, along with close friends and such. It will not go public.
  11. Magentix

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    Just a small question...
    Can you code MUI spells decently yourself?

    Because often someone shows up with "an amazing idea m9z!!111", but then asks someone else to do the hard part (coding) for him.
  12. Kazuga

    Kazuga Let the game begin...

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    Hm dota td? Sounds wierd but I guess it could be fun. But won't it be hard to controll spells with towers? So much things to controll so little time^^ Anyway good luck:thup:
  13. Flare

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    I'm assuming that the towers will be autocasting the abilities (well, some of them at least)
  14. UndeadDragon

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    I like the sound of it, although I don't like DotA (I don't want a DotA discussion :p) I like the idea of having towers with really good triggered abilities.

    Good luck with this project.
  15. Viikuna

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    lol this sounds funny :D

    Towers cant move, so not many abilities fit them well.

    Backstabbing towers anyone? (Leaping tower might be cool, tought.)
  16. Flare

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    We can shoot some Rikimaru's at the enemy :p

    Leaping tower? What DotA heroes leap? I don't play it much, so I haven't a clue :(

    Anyway, 2 spells (Chain Frost, Chronosphere) from my to-do list are completed :D
  17. Daskunk

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  18. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    Yes I can. :)

    How does it sound funny? There are a variety of spells that these heroes have that fit the TD. Like I said before, some spells will be altered to fit a TD-type game. I.E. KOTL illuminate (shockwave), Void Chronosphere (Freeze creeps), Magnus Reverse Polarity (Pulls everyone to him, damages and stuns), etc.

    So I don't see how "not so many abilities fit them well" when there are plenty. :)

    That's why you're going to need some skill to play this game. :)
  19. Flare

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    Won't that be liable to cause unit pathing to fail miserably? Or do you have something in mind to save me the bother of trying to correct the pathing :D

    There still are a number which won't fit
    As Viikuna said, Backstab - Would seem weird to backstab with a projectile :p
    Spectral Dagger (to an extent) - Is the tower supposed to gain 0 collision size while on the Shadow Path :rolleyes:
    Mana Leak - Will mobs even have mana, and will they have any use for it?
    Spell Shield (or whatever Magina's passive is) - Same as above, and will towers be invulnerable anyway?

    And more
  20. Trollvottel

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    i know (v)Jass and i CAN code spells, so if you want me to do something for you just pm me :)

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