Dragon Rider Mounting Dragon To Make It Do Damage Trigger?


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I want to make a "dragon rider" type hero/builder, which can build a type of building to train dragons. The dragons do no damage unless they are "mounted" by the Dragon Rider. With the dragon rider, they do good damage, and the Dragon Rider is invulnerable until the dragon he is riding is killed, at which he is dismounted from the dead dragon and vulnerable again.

How would I word such a trigger?


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sounds like you would need a combo of triggers and the mount hypogrph ability :)

its easy to edit the ability to your liking, just set the dragon unit to do not damage, the original hero/rider unit to do w/e kind of damage, and the mounted dragon to do w/e damage :] but then use a trigger of

unit-generic unit died...

unit type- type of triggering unit equal to mounted dragon

unit- create 1 original rider for owner of triggering unit :)

this way, there is no need to make the rider "invulnerable" because he technically...isnt really there...

oh and btw, you may want to set the stats of the hero with variables? so that way he returns to his previous state once he has dismounted. :3
and even more than taht >:eek: add exp equal to that gained while he was mounted w/ the dragon...and vise versa...
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