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Dragonball Evolution Website: http://dbthemovie.com/

Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Director: James Wong
Budget: $100 million
Release Date: April 8th 2009 in North America, March 13th 2009 in Japan
Filming Locations: Mexico City, Durango, Los Angeles
Status: Post Production​

My Opinion:
WOW, this is going to be so lame.


I'm not a fan of it but go ahead and discuss it here.

Anyways, the reason of this thread is because THEY ARE MAKING A REAL LIFE MOVIE called Dragonball: Evolution (The Movie).

My thread with more information: http://www.thehelper.net/forums/showthread.php?p=957177#post957177

This probably is spam or whatever but I thought the public should know of this failness and it is anime so...

Lame attempt to make quick cash :thdown: x 100
I knew since months ago that they'll be creating a movie based on DBZ.


At least good enough. It can be worth the movie ticket;) Sounds nice as well..

Though it's much better if the plot was portrayed as a 3D animation film (like Final Fantasy 7 or Appleseed!), and the action would be crazier.

I've been waiting for some butt-kicking action in the cinema since I watched Kung fu panda, hoping this one would be the first martial arts movie I'll view this year..:banghead:kick:banghead:punch

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Don't post two threads about the same subject.... :thdown:
threads merged

Sorry, yeah if you read my thread here I said that I knew this was like bad but just wanted to get anime/DBZ viewers of TH aware too. :)

lol, the only things I think are good in this movie are the effects because... that Nuke-Like explosion was pretty sick. :D

This belongs in "movies", not "anime/manga".

wow even the name is gay - who thought this was aa good ideas?
Just askin but do the people who thinks this movie sucks even like the regular DBZ? Also dont judge a movie before you even seen it:p
Ok I haven't seen the movie yet...but my friend( who is a big DBZ fan) couldn't even watch the entire movie. He just left the theatre like halfway through. I'm told it was just awful, and from the parts I have seen...I can't much disagree...
The first second makes you laugh.

Rest is history.
ill wait till i can get in on TL
Coming Soon

To a 99c Store video rack
I am a huge DBZ fan (yes yes I have no life)
That movie absolutely disgusted me. It was hard to watch it all the way through.
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