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Dragons Single TD v1.1

Old First Post: Alright, I finished a side project of mine, called Dragons Single TD. It's the first version, so it's a little imbalanced at the moment, but I'm proud. It's the first custom map I've completed, and I'm pretty proud of it. However, I realize it's a bit lacking (I only have one builder so far, and the Doodads and Thingamajigs shop has no items in it yet, and the only mercenaries you can buy are Grunts, all explained below). I would like people to test it out, and give me feedback. Suggestions, comments, and bug reports would be appreciated. :D

General Idea:
Humans have begun to move into Blue Dragon territory, and the Dragonkin are not taking kindly to it. To add to the dragon's chagrin, the Blood Elf Captain, Eldren Dragonsbane, has set up an Outpost much farther along the path the Dragonkin had guarded for centuries, thus encroaching further than these particular Dragonkin have ever seen. After a dragon leader confronts Eldren and his faithful partner, the architect of the Outpost (as seen in the cinematic at the beginning), the dragon kills Eldren and leaves the builder to pass along the message that the Dragons will not stand for this. Understanding this to mean an attack, the builder has decided to construct powerful towers along the path to stop the Dragons from getting to the encampment, where the Humans and Orcish mercenaries are keeping their treasures.

The game is a single player TD, and thus is available only for Red.

Defeat all 14 levels and the final Boss level before the Dragons kill the Guardian of the Treasure at the end of the path.

-Some Orcish mercenaries have agreed to set up camp with the Humans, and mercenaries can be hired for a moderate fee to aide in protecting the encampment (Only Grunts at the moment).
-Doodads and Thingamajigs is a Gnomish shop which sells many nifty items for your Hero.

-Don't build Explosive Towers next to your Hero or footmen/grunts. The splash damage isn't just for the enemy!
-The first level is an air level, so don't think you can get off easy with Cannon Towers so early.
-Your Hero is a Paladin, who can level up and use abilities, all of which are helpful for your fight against the Blue Dragonkin!
-Arcane Towers are relatively expensive early on. It's way more beneficial to buy Arrow Towers early on, unless you have a good strategy.
-The path can't be built on. ;D
-Even though it seems advantageous to build so many Arrow Towers, with all of the money you have, they are much better upgraded. Still, you must find a balance between upgrade and amount.

I realize that the gold/damage/health/speed numbers aren't the best right now, and if anyone modifies the gold/damage/health/speed numbers so that the game is balanced (and I like it), I'll put him/her on the top of the credits. If you attempt it, and it looks like you actually tried, to me, I'll put you in the credits as well.



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I've tested it and it was pretty fun, but hard also. Here are some things i noticed:

- Terrain. It's a single player map, which means "unlimited" map space. You aren't restricted by a 4mb map limit (although you shouldn't go totally overboard, but you get the point). Your terrain is really dull and needs some cool terrain, especially since you have alot of mapspace to play with.

- Upgrades and Towers. I understand this is still an early version and you haven't much upgrades and different towers, but it is a big part of a TD. Without variety of towers in your map, it will be boring very fast. Also be careful not to put the standard towers, because it will end up to be another in a dozen and not played much. Although it's your first map and it could be learnfull, so i'll leave it up to you.

- Different Heroes. Maybe it's fun to let the player pick it's own hero (or get it random), and adjust their strategy to this. Of course this will require more/different towers and much balancing, but it will increase replay value greatly imo. You could give them custom abilities and let them (or just one hero, as an ability) effect the towers.

Good luck with your map, it needs some balancing of course, but i liked it as your first map. Keep it up! :D


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Sweet, thanks. The best part is, I did all of that in a much longer, more complicated, multiple person TD that was being developed before this one (and still isn't finished, as it's really complicated for a newbie like me). Thanks for the suggestions, though, I know what needs to be worked on first. :D

I don't really like the standard towers either. I realized it was a bad idea when I walked away to get something to eat while I waited. >.<


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Okay, I'm wrapping up v1.1, thank goodness. It'll have quite a changes, and I'll include it in a changelog in the first post. I didn't add new Heroes to choose from, because in v2.0+ I will have a Forsaken builder (I have already thought of how to include the Forsaken into the Human Outpost idea), and thus will bring about a new Forsaken Hero.


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Alright, I've changed the attachment on the first post to v1.1, and I'm much more happy with it. Albeit it is still relatively unbalanced, I'm excited that I got it to work as much as I did. I hope everyone enjoys.

EDIT: I realize that I have several posts in a row here, and it looks as bad to you as it does to me, likely. I only did this because I saw that I am allowed to "bump" my thread every 24 hours if I received no replies, and so I have done so with these posts. I hope no one gets upset over it... >.>

I've fancied up the first post a bit so that it matches the new attachment.
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