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Hi everyone!
I'd like to announce 722, a Silent Hillish 'expansion' of Dreamlord III. Originally I was planning to release it as a new chapter in Alter Way Chronicles, but that campaign is big enough already. This new project contains a lot of new stuff as the story takes place in a different Dreamworld realm and has a totally new atmosphere (creatures, music, mechanics, etc.). I always try to show you people something new and unique with each map I make and this project is no exception.
It is highly recommended to play the previous episode(s) before this one, coz 722 has no tutorial, only small hints here and there, and its story is strongly connected to Alter Way Chronicles. This is my last work in WE, and it will finish the Dreamlord saga.
I don't have much info to share yet, I just wanted to let those who liked the series know that I'm working on this. ;)


Game Type: Adventure
Maximum Players: 1
Difficulty: Moderate
Average Game Time: -
File Size: -
Version: -
Download Link: -


- A huge horroristic city
- 4 different endings
- Score system
- There are no offensive abilities
- Play as Keegan and Kate, two side characters from Ep II. & III.
- Use the weapons and traps you find to defeat your enemies, or just simply hide from them in the bushes.
- Shane Scarlight


Keegan Foster - 80%
Katherine Serrano - 40%


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