Campaign Dreamlord

Lord Regular
Dreamlord - Episode I.


Episode I.

12th century - Ireland
Shane Scarlight, a lonely but pretty wealthy young man decides to take some rest on a chair few meters from his house. The view is spectacular, the wind blows lightly, and the only thing that interrupts the total quietness is the intense, loud song the birds sing. In less than 10 minutes our hero falls asleep. Soon after he wakes up, but in a much more fascinating place...​

Project Information

Game Type: Campaign/Adventure/Action/Cinematic
Maximum Players: 1
Difficulty: Pretty easy for an experienced player.
Average Game Time: 130-260 minutes
File Size: 11 Mbs
Version: Gold
Download Link: !Hive!


× Use the in-game chat to cast spells.
× Find or fight your way out of numerous fae places...
× ...filled with different kinds of puzzles and...
× outrageous variation of creepy enemies.
× Command your companions to quickly defeat the hostile forces.


Chapter One - "Not Just a Dream"
Chapter Two - "Back Home"
Chapter Three - "Road to Destiny"
Chapter Four (Cinematic) - "Accused"
Chapter Five - "The Journey"
Chapter Six - "Scattered Artifacts"
Chapter Seven - "Orthyus is Watching"
Chapter Eight - "Destination: Vortex of Dreams"
Chapter Nine - "War for the Ashlands"
Chapter Ten - "The Vortex"
Chapter Eleven - "Unknown Regions"
Chapter Twelve - "When the Storm Comes"

List of Companions

Dean 'Osprey' Baird

Nightmare - Warrior Hero (melee)
Low DP (Dream Power - Intelligence), but high hit points and armor value.
Has Battlecall(Taunt) and Victory Shout(AOE enemy weakening spell).

Dina Parvey

Nightmare - Warrior Heroine (melee)
Average DP, average hit points, high armor value.
Has Venom(Soul Burn) and Victory Shout.


Fairy - Spellcaster (ranged)
High DP, low hit points and armor value.
Has Confusion(Bash) and Healing Touch(Heal).


Instead of creating targeted spells, I've made some passive ones (like orb effects, auras, bonus armor, etc.)which can be activated by a magic word. This may sound boring, but believe me it's pretty exciting when you are in the middle of a battle, and you'll have to type words fast like Hell if you wanna' boost Shane.

Spell/Command List

armor - Increases Shane's armor for 30 seconds.
speed - Increases Shan's attack speed for 30 seconds.
fade - Gives Shane evasion for 30 seconds.

decay - Corruption effect + bonus dmg.
frost - Freezing effect + bonus dmg.
energy - + high amount of bonus dmg.

enragement - Increases the attack/movement speed of Shane' companions.
revitalising - Increases life regeneration rate of Shane's companions.

Offensive Spells:
firering - Creates a fire ring around Shane, which damages nearby enemies.
icestorm - Shoots ice shards towards hostile creatures around Shane.

Wish Circle:
burn - Creates fire.
break - Breaks things.
open - Opens doors.

Valour Circle:
for victory - Gives Shane a weak enemy attack dmg reducing aura + sets the mana of Shane's companions to 50%.
destroy them all - Gives Shane an enemy attack dmg reducing aura + sets the mana of Shane's companions to 75%.
vanquish our enemies my warriors - Gives Shane a powerful enemy attack dmg reducing aura + sets the mana of Shane's companions to 100%.

follow - Orders Shane's companions to follow him.
guard - Orders Shane's companions to guard the area.
together - Orders Shane's companions to regroup.
attack - Orders Shane's companions to attack nearby enemies.

unstuckshane - Turns off collision for Shane so you can walk through units. (lasts 4 secs)




Dreamland 01

Dreamland 02

Dreamland 03

Dreamland 04

I don't know if creating this campaign is worth it, but I'm sure I'm not that crappy mapper so why not try to make something good? ;)

Well as always feedback is welcomed. That's all for now. GL&HF!


You can change this now in User CP.
I really like the idea of casting spells via. the chat. Has it ever been done before?

It sounds good to me. I would gladly play it. :D

Lord Regular
Ty for the fast replies! :)


Mostly these are aoe (like Starfall) or cinematic (like creating a firewall on a long barricade) spells. Makin the aoe is very simple because there is no target there. To cast cinematic spells you'll need to stand in a Circle of Power called 'Wish Circle'. There you enter the right word and tada.

You'll have 3 elemental attack enchantments too (like Searing Arrows) which can also be activated by a word (one at a time of course).


Evil always finds a way
I really like the idea of casting spells via. the chat. Has it ever been done before?
I made something similiar a long time ago, never released it tho:banghead:

It's a cool idea, you could make the target spells to check if there is a unit selected and if there is they get cast else they tells the player that a target is nessecary for this spell, that is how I did:thup:

I would also love to play it btw, those screens look awesome.
Cool theme to:) Just love those cheeps, they look so fluffy and "dreamy"<3:thup:

Good Luck anyway and hope you finish this:D


Gunnerkrigg Court
Looks very interesting. Ever played the miniature game dreamblade? The theme might be useful for you, there even is a short story that might serve as inspiration. It's quite a lot to read, but I found it very interesting and it might be useful for you.

You might be interested in the further parts when Kendra enters the dreamworld.

By the way, isn't it "fey" instead of "fae"?

Lord Regular
Makes me feel good that some of this community are interested in my work.
Thanks for your replies!

Thanks for your offer, but I have to do it alone. You could give me ideas like the others tho... ;)

I have my own imagination how to do things. I agree it's a good idea to use chat although I wanna combine this with the normal W3 spellcasting system. You'll see what I meant when I release the first beta.
And yes, I'll finish this one! :shades:

I'll read that and see what I can use.
I don't know... is it? (my crap English :F ) I meant the ones you see in fairytales for example.

Lord Regular
Well thanks. Tho I will edit them when I finish the first beta. :eek:
They may look cool, but really need some details...


New Member
Well thanks. Tho I will edit them when I finish the first beta. :eek:
They may look cool, but really need some details...
I disagree, Lord. I don't know about you, but my dreams aren't THAT detailed.
I think the minimalist Style you have now Suits the Dream world theme Perfectly.


New Member
Not to get too "far out" , but the openness of the terrain hints (to me) at the vastness of the human psyche.

...No, I'm not on drugs.


The Evolved Panda Commandant
Uh, just another idea (or maybe you already had it). For the spells, maybe some of them could cast foward from where you are facing, like a Shockwave or something.

Btw, the chat-cast sounds awesome. :D


Let the game begin...
Looks awesome, love the terrain. It's a bit flat but still somehow it really looks great! Love the idea of casting spells with chat messages. A tip is to add cinematic camera movements to the more stronger abilities to add that little extra magic feeling to it.^^

Lord Regular
Every stronger spells cast by chat command will use cinematic camera. I would never release this campaign without that! :D
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