Dummy not casting spells properly


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Time to soil my pride....

Can anyone help me solve this problem? I'm currently using a dummy to cast the spell Slow which *should* be cast onto a person with the debuff whenever I blink to that person. In other words, if unit has debuff when I blink, dummy should cast the spell onto unit with debuff. When unit does not have it, dummy doesn't cast it.

The main problem here is that the dummy does cast the spell, but only under specific circumstances and onto the wrong person - if I apply the former scenario against a neutral unit, the dummy casts the Slow onto me. However, if I apply the scenario to player-specific units, the dummy does not cast the spell at all.

I've attached the trigger I've used for the dummy.

Poisoned Mind is the debuff.
Dark Pursuit is the Blink Ability.


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