Dummy Unit - How to remove them?


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Campfire Reveal
        Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability
        (Ability being cast) Equal to Flare (Campfire Ability)
        Set TEMP_Point = (Position of (Casting unit))
        Unit - Create 1 Dummy for (Owner of (Casting unit)) at TEMP_Point facing Default building facing degrees
        Unit - Add a 1.00 second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
        Unit - Add Flare (Dummy Ability) to (Last created unit)
        Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Human Mortar Team - Flare TEMP_Point
        Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_TEMP_Point)
Does this trigger removes the dummy unit and the leaks?
(The dummy unit is able to use the ability ingame.)

Yours, xAna.


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the trigger looks good....

you add a timer to the dummy and remove the point leak....there's nothing wrong or leaking.

*EDIT: :( Accname was faster...

Don't use casting unit, triggering unit is faster
Don't repeat natives (Casting Unit for example), save it into a variable to use afterwards
Same for Last Created Unit
Also, I you should use "Event - A unit starts the effects of an Ability" (This will take into account Casting Time)
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