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    Yes. that is the logo. I sense your jealously. I sense it.
    Yes. there is another thread about this game (April 2010), however, I felt that it did not showcase the game well enough

    Dwarf Fortress is an ASCII game which includes both a roguelike adventure mode, and the more popular Dwarf Fortress Mode, which focuses on the creation and survival of a small dwarven settlement.
    Dwarf Fortress is completely free.

    The first alpha version of Dwarf Fortress was released on the 8th of August 2006 after nearly 4 years of development (which began in October of 2002).
    Note that while Dwarf Fortress is technically still in the alpha stage of development, it is fully playable, and definitely enjoyable.
    If you are interested in the history of the development of the game you can look at the development log.​

    This is the official download to the game. Which is just straight ASCII (screenshot below).

    This link is for a graphical mod to the game, this mod is always a few updates behind but is totally legal and endorsed because df is customizable.
    Screenshot is a screenshot i took, since i couldnt find a good one on google


    Basic info... DF uses most, if not all of your processing power to run the game, and the game's speed is based on your processing power, not your graphics, or RAM, or whatever, it is a purely processor power based game, and once you get to around 200 dwarves you might drop to 50 or lower (depending on your processor, i ran it at only 20 FPS at about 170 dwarves, although i am only running a 2Ghz Duo core) the game starts to get lower FPS due to having to process dwarves going the shortest distance between point A and point B.

    The game has a mega steep learning curve, and it took me roughly 3-4 hours playing with a friend who guided me through it to just get started, im not saying you wont enjoy those 3-4 hours im just saying you should be prepared to spend large amounts of time on this game if you ever get into it.
    Send me a PM and ill get you on skype or something and ill guide you through it, but remember, the FUN lies in doing it yourself.
    And remember to have FUN

    (Losing is fun!
    Either way, it keeps you busy.
    There is no internal end point or single goal or final Easter egg or "You Win!" announcement in Dwarf Fortress. Therefore, eventually, almost every fortress will fall. The only ones that don't, tend to be very conservative and very boring - and what fun is that? Therefore, fun = losing, losing = fun, DF = losing = fun, and that's okay! It's a game philosophy, so embrace it, own it, and have fun with it!)

    And for added FUN, open DF. and then open the WIKI and keep it open, at all times, and be prepared to keep large amounts of tabs open
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    The tale of boatmurdered

    Basically a hilarious group play of dwarf fortress that I thought was relevant.
    I actually played it recently, but ye, its complex.
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    This game is legit and only getting better every day.
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    It will also be coming out on Steam soon but if you notice the necromancy of this post this game has been around a while.....
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    I have been watching this game for years and have been trying to figure it out but I am really thinking I am going to start playing this and if I do then I will start a forum for it for my and all of you guys adventures.

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