Defense Dwarves in the City


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Dwarves in the City

A typical Hero Defense map. Choose one of the four dwarf heroes, fight and hold against 15 waves of Zergling attack.

I had the idea of this map and started mapping back in 2007. The idea of this map is, "Kill a lot of creeps and sees the golden words from that kill", and "You may kill lots of creeps with one shot, but there are lots more to kill". The project was abandoned in late 2008. Recently, I found the project file in the deepest directory of my computer. I had used the free time of the past few months to modify and improve it.

I need beta testers for testing this map especially in multiplayer mode. Besides, bugs of this map is still a lot. Some of the triggered skills isn't work the way it supposed to be. And I need ideas for the ending of this map. Currently the map turn into Endless Mode after 15 waves of creep.

Any comments and ideas about this map would be highly appreciated!~

Change log v0.9a
- Fix unmoving Zerglings
- Minor adjust the speed of spawning
- Minor bugs fixes
- Fix untimed life of Fire Element when cast on Zergling Cursed
- Reduce cooldown of Adrenal Glands of Zergling Cursed for rapid cast
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