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    Brief Description:

    A decisive battle between two

    warring states of China. Liu Bei the leader

    of the Shu faction seeks

    vengeance on the Kingdom of Wu

    for Ambushing his oath brother Guan Yu.

    Items that can heal your wounds or temporarily increase your attack, defense, or movement speed.

    The Shu encampment.

    Tents that can heal you Physically (health) and Spiritually (mana).

    The officer line-up.

    The Terrain is all set, I have all the models ranging from the environment to the character models.
    My pressing needs are coding I have some triggers and systems in place but I feel they could be made more
    efficient and I also need a few more triggers implemented. The project is open to any help but the main needs
    are spell making and coding.

    Thanks for your interest!​
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    ? what kind of spell making do you want it in? vjass, jass, gui?

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