Easy Skin Request

The skin I am in need of is a Paladin (the original Hero from WC3) in white robes.
I know this is probably really easy to skin but I lack the knowledge, tools and patience to do so.

So that is why I beg of you to help me with this one. :p

The parts I would like to see white are all the cloth textures (the mantle and the blue cloth pieces on his stomach and knees).
The plating, leather parts and gold ingravings should be left the way they are.



I'm back!
It's just a recolor, nothing else.

ATM I don't have my warcraft tools on this computer. I will keep an eye on the thread, if nobody fulfills this request until I am all set up, I'll do it.
You are probably right. I might do that next time.
At the moment my post count on the TheHive is 0, so it would feel kind of weird to request something in my first forum post.
Plus I focus mainly on TheHelper forums.
Thanks Blade. I'll gladly accept your help if Smith isn't all set up before then.

How long will it take for you to get ready? ^^


is now a game developer :)
for the others..
Find the Skinning tutorials on the page...


Earlenlajnen, here i finished it. import the blp file.
(others are just previews)

i hope you dont mind, added in some gradient maps to enhance the color/contrast a bit for a holier feel.

and i'm glad i helped.


Thanks Blade! It's really cool! Just like I visualised it in my head!
And I really like your work with the hammer. :thup:

But... I changed my mind. :eek:
I only want the mantle and hammer(like you did it) too be white. Could you fix that?
Also could you maybe increase the shadowing on the mantle?
From afar you barely see them.

Sorry for being troublesome. I undestand that you are pretty busy with school...
PurgeandFire this is really nice! You totally got what I meant!

But... Why is the tip of his mantle still teamcoloured? :p
I think you made the texture a little short... It looks a bit silly. :D
Could you fix that?
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