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    I have used eBay to buy and sell with mediocre success. I was signed up for one of their free courses held recently in Houston but missed it. Has anyone been to an eBay course and was it beneficial?
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    I have not been to any eBay courses but I can offer these tips to help sell on eBay.

    Saturday and Sunday night are the busiest times on eBay so start your auctions on those days and use 7 day auctions so you start and end auctions on the busiest day.

    Setup a free paypal account so you can accept credit card payments.

    Use pictures in your ads - people like to see what they are buying.

    If you are selling a bunch of stuff - consider only selling to US buyers and having a fixed shipping price. On lots of items overseas shipping increases your overhead in quoting shipping prices and the amount of actual paperwork to ship stuff.

    Consider selling your stuff priority mail. You can get a bunch of Priority Mail boxes sent to you for free from the US Postal Service website or picking them up from the Post Office. Pre-buy Priority Postage and as long as the items are small enough you can use the boxes and prepaid postage to ship from your house eliminating the time intensive stage of going to the post office.

    Hope this helps - I did an eBay selling business for about a year and these things really helped me.
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    I ebay a lot. I even buy my jeans & shoes NWT (new with tag) off ebay. Saves some serious money.

    Most of the money made on smaller ebay items is made from the shipping.

    Typically, a small item costs only 2 bucks to send USPS 2 day priority mail.

    Most sellers charge 4.99$ and up for shipping. Everyone on ebay accepts that price and pays it. Thats a three dollar profit, minus the 20 cent padded envelope.

    If haggled about it, remember that S&H is shipping and handling. The extra three dollars is EASILY dismissed as a handling fee of your own time spent. So theres no argument.

    Power sellers are shipping sometimes 30 items a day. Thats about 90 dollars profit a day on shipping alone, not to mention anything made on the item.

    I sold magic cards for a bit. People would pay 2-20 dollars for the card, depending, and I'd make several bucks of shipping. Sometimes, I made more off the shipping than the card. Unfortuneatly, thats a time consuming hobby.

    I havn't delt much internationally. But again, its pretty cheap through USPS all things considered. Some sellers take the easy way out, and say "Ship to USA and Canada only". Then they don't have to acknowledge it.

    I wont buy anything on ebay thats not a deal. Why pay full price for an auction item with no service support or warranty?

    There is ALOT of people on ebay paying almost FULL price for flatscreens, CCG cards, video cards, yamaha parts, you name it. Personally, it bothers me (see previous comment.) But if your a seller, all the better.
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    The snipe.

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