World Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum


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Ecuador has granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The decision comes almost two months after the world-famous whistleblower came to the country’s embassy in London seeking protection.
We have decided to grant political asylum to Mr. Assange,” said Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino. “We believe that his fears are legitimate and there are the threats that he could face political persecution.”
The announcement was met with celebrations outside the Ecuadorian embassy as the WikiLeaks founder's supporters began chanting "Hands off Ecuador" and "Assange freedom fighter."


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If it wasn't for WikiLeaks, Trapwire wouldn't be known to everyone.


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Those two facts are unrelated and should not collide. A single act speaks not for the soul.


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What If It's True? Well, he shouldn't get away with this. Just sayin.


Divide et impera
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What If It's True? Well, he shouldn't get away with this. Just sayin.

they had sex, and the woman only complained a week later after they found out he did it with another girl the next day - even if he is convicted of something, it would be minor, not rape - but he would be in Sweden*, and from there they would extract him to the U.S., where he would face a military court for political charges


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I think you mean Sweden not Switzerland. I heard a rumor a while back when this all started that the woman had no intention of pressing charges, but due to poltical interference was forced to do so.


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As an international political junkie, I am mixed when it comes to Assange.

I see Assange as a rather ignorant and a simple minded person in many aspects. This is especially true in his so-called "creed" against the United States.

Its ignorant speaking that in the International political game there is no good guys, every country is in it for themselves (as is to be expected). He focuses much of his efforts on the United States alone, which while a large oppressive power, is not always the bad guy he claims it to be. In fact many of the countries he is asking for help now have just as many transparency issues as the one he accuses (every country has secrets and back dealings).

I think if he were to do his transparency reporting unbiasedly (which I have not seen so far but would love to see), I would have greater respect for the man.

His methods as well are questionable, he jeopardizes many lives in the military and those in the diplomatic field who are doing nothing more than following orders.

Yet considering all that, I can see his mission as a journalist and it is important for him to stay active and not be simply locked away.

So even though I can't stand his attitude and cockiness (he's honestly a douche as far as I can tell from interviews of him), I don't think that is any means to have him arrested and the crimes in Sweden smell of suspicion.


However his removal from the UK is a difficult question as any move ether violates some country's international rights or international agreement. In reality we are dealing with a UK, Ecuadorian, Swedish, Australian, international law clusterfuck around one guy and his website.

Interesting to say the least...
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