Spell Electric Focus


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Electric Focus v2.0

by Lambdadelta (aka Siraraz and BlackRose)

Last updated: 15/08/2012​


This spell is basically a recode of Builder_Bob's Electric Focus and shares the same functionality almost.​

Description of Spell

The hero will begin focusing electricity infront of himself, electrocuting any enemy unit that gets in the electricity's way; dealing damage. The electricity is directed towards the hero's gaze, so turning around will redirect the angle the lightning focuses on. While focusing, attack and movement is disabled.

Lasts until mana is depleted.​

Coding Details


I'd like to give credit to the following people:
  • Nestharus for TimerTools
  • Magtheridon96 for RegisterPlayerUnitEvent and whose existing works acted as a guideline for how I should do things
  • Bribe for Table and SpellEffectEvent
  • Rising_Dusk for GroupUtils
  • Vexorian, Cohadar and anyone who contribued to JassHelper
  • PitzerMike and anyone else who contributed to JassNewGenPack
  • SFilip and anyone else who contributed to TESH
  • Builder_Bob for the concept and code which acted as a guideline/base for how I coded this
  • Halo7568/Krysho for his findings on the exploit with Channel and cooldown preservations.
    More info: http://www.wc3c.net/showpost.php?p=1029039&postcount=86
  • Kam for a bug report


Cannot be attached due to character limit.


v2.0 (15/08/2012)

Due to a code rewrite, it is not possible to track all changes made. The following changes listed are the more significant changes.

Mechanical changes:
  • Loading a focusing unit now deactivates the spell
  • The spell is now unique castable
  • Added option to enable area of effect damage

Code changes:
  • Code rewrite using TimerTools as the base for periodic code
  • Events now registered with SpellEffectEvent and RegisterPlayerUnitEvent
  • Removed usage of AIDS



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Yay! I know :p

[del]And oh god, something seems to have messed up stuff in the post. I shall fix later.[/del] And it should be "Don't modify" or something along the lines of that @[email protected]

Edit: Fixed.


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5 updates in 7 hours?

There's a lot of <, > and friends in the code... :p


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What is this? I'm seeming to have omitted the update dates. Well, I actually uploaded this ages back at The Hiveworkshop, and got some feedback there, so no, not 5 updates in 7 hours :p

Hm. Me dunno. But fixed now.
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