Spell Energy Field

Hmm, I tried to fix it.. But your code is very messy. There are something wrong with your array. Even 30 array does not enough.... for it. :banghead:
Table is like an array, you just have to create it in some init function. You can also use HandleTable, which uses handles instead of integers as keys, or string table, which uses string keys.


    HandleTable Data

function init takes nothing returns nothing
    set Data=HandleTable.create()

function useTable takes nothing returns nothing
    set Data[ handle ] = somestruct
    set somestruct2 = Data[ handle ]
multiple lightnings are created for each unit, so it needs to be a 2D array, right?

I still don't get it how would I use it in my spell....

what type of data can you store in a Table? only integer?
Yes. Or one struct with lightning array. Id go with that one.
90% of those spells are DotA's spells, just with different names

Energy Field isn't a DotA spell, so that's why I decided to make it

Energy Field is Engineer's ultimate, his other spells are pretty hard to make

I'll see what I can do about them when I get the time

The Engineer's turret spell is just pure agony to make I think :(
The Engineer's turret spell is just pure agony to make I think :(


I started making his other spells, but soon I quit it

it turned out - Energy Field is the most easy one to make from all xd
it's mui, it's leakless but it could be done in less lines with less redundant code.

GJ though


initially, the code was like half of what it is now
but after I've put as much configurables as possible, that was kinda unavoidable

the spell is rather old and outdated now... at that time I didn't had much spell-making experience and the code would surely be much shorter

thx anyway

I still accept suggestions on improving the code/spell!
this spell doesn't work for me... well it sorta does
it damages the units and everything, i have TimerUtil, a more recent version then the one included in your map
I have the dummy.mdx file already, before I imported your spell...

it creats the obelisk and the turrets, and it damages enemies as they enter that certain AoE, but the lightning is not created right... it is created a little bit below the spell... and when i activate the turrets, (not height wise, but more south).... imagine the number 8... the top circle in the 8 is the turrets, and the bottom circle in the 8 is the lightning effects...
and then when i scroll thru the map, it lightning moves with it... it damages/purges/soul burn all correctly, just the lightning is screwed up... when the turrets die, the lighting disappears too..

i imported everything from your map to mine except timer utils, which like i said, i have a more recent version, and btw, i tried disabling my timer util and importing yours, and it still did the same thing...

the only thing i changed was in AIDS trigger, the GetUnitID function... i just changed the name of the function from GetUnitID to GetUnitIDAIDS, because GetUnitID was already declared else where in my map...

help me...
thanks for your feedback

can't remember last time I updated this spell xD
the outdated code might be the problem or something

I'll test the map and see what I can do tomorrow

I might even rewrite the whole code xd
the map i downloaded from this site works fine, its when i import it the scripts into my map, thats when the lightning starts messing up...
hmm I think I know the problem

it might be with the terrain heights, because the lightnings have static Z coordinates, which is around 50
so if you create them at a higher/lower height, it appears like they are underground/in the air

I think it's easily fixable, but it'll take some time so as I said, I'll do it tommorow

thx again
no no no, its not that dinowc...

the hero is standing on a flat surface, and the lightning is created towards the bottom of the turrets... and the lightning is a smaller circle, compared to the turret's circle...
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