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I am considering returning to SC2 map making, and by doing that, I am thinking about picking up a project, which was recreating a once popular Wc3 map, named Enfo's Team Survival, but making it with my own ideas.

The concept of the map, is that there are two lanes which will spawn units in waves, and then you play as a team of unique heroes trying to survive as long as possible.

The enemy units will move in two lanes, and try to reach a point which the players defend. If the enemy units reach it, they will be destroyed and the team will lose 1 Life.

I am considering making the hero system so that each hero has 4-5 abilities and stats that can affect them. I was thinking of making the heroes as they are in Wc3, but instead of xp from killing minions, they will increase a level for each wave completed.

When a hero gains a level, it will be able to allocate some stat points, which will do some different stuff. Increase health/health regeneration/attack damage/attack speed/ability damage, and so on.

This will then involve coming up with (for starters) a few hero concepts. This is where I wanna ask you guys for help.

I personally dont like having heroes with a huge downtime on the abilities, so the energy regeneration will most likely be high, and more like it is in Diablo 3.

Also, the abilities will deal damage based on either Attack Damage, or Spell Power (which will be a stat).

Here's an example of a hero I'd like to create for the map
(AD = attack damage
SP = spell power)

Gror the Ursadon
Melee tank hero
From level 1:
50 AD + 5 per level
10 SP + 3 per level

Ability 1 - Ground Slam
Slams the ground, dealing [1.25*AD] to all enemy units within 2 range, stunning them for 2 seconds.
6 seconds cooldown

Ability 2 - Healing Roar
Lets out a roar affecting all allied units within a range of 5, which will instantly heal [1*AD + 3*SP] and another [0,25*AD + 0,75*SP] per sec for 5 seconds.
15 seconds cooldown.

Ability 3 - Leap
Leaps to a targeted location, dealing [2*AD] creating a freezing zone upon impact, which will slow enemy units and deal [0,25*AD] per second for 4 seconds.
10 seconds cooldown

Ability 4 - Cleave
Deals [1,25*AD] to all enemy units within 1,5 range.
2 seconds cooldown.

Ultimate Ability - Frost Nova
Releases a frost nova, which will hit all enemy units within a range of 8, dealing [2*AD + 2*SP] and freezing them in place for 4 seconds, causing them to take 25% increased damage.
60 seconds cooldown.
I'm also considering that every 5 or 10 level, there should be an option to upgrade an ability, unlocking a more powerfull version of it. (increasing the duration for the healing buff from Healing Roar by 3 seconds or increasing the area of effect of Cleave by 0,5 or something along those lines, but only as a single upgrade)

If you have an idea for a hero, feel free to submit it, even if it lacks an ability, a name, a skin or whatever :)

The only requirement, is that it fits into teamplay, and is able to help clear wave after wave of incoming enemy units :)
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I know this post is oudated, but i sent you a message about it, and a project i have long underway which fits into this category.
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