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    Entertainment Lounge Rules:

    1. Follow forum guidelines. As with every other forum, do not talk about things that are not supported by TH in here.

    2. Keep it legal. We have adopted a zero tolerance policy on illegal content - that means downloading, streaming, or torrenting entertainment such as music, movies, TV, etc. Those who post links to illegal providers will have their threads torn apart into many small pieces, along with other punishments, if appropriate.

    3. Spoilers! This forum is for general discussions of movie, music and television shows, etc. Obviously, this will often include plot details and spoilers. If you are going to include extensive details of the film in your post, indicate that in your thread title or in the post before you state the information. In your thread, you may also use the [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] tags to indicate sections that give away details, like this:

    If you haven't seen the movie, don't read this!

    4. Don't spam. You have been warned.
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