Equal gold for everybody ;-)


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Hi :-D

I have a group of 4 players fighting hords of monsters

now i dont want the damage-dealer to get ahellofalotmore money than the healer!

How do i share the money from creeps and quests equal between all players ?
They dont need to be able to buy with the money from the others, just get the same amount...

thx :)
lg Michael
You'd want to retrieve bounty, remove that bounty from the player who got it, divide it by 4, and then add that to each player.

Currently, there is no good bounty retrieval library. What people tend to do is use a timer that expires 32 times a second. They check the player's gold compared to what it was before, and if it's different and a unit died, then that player probably got bounty. You also want to have a unit death event and flag the owner of the killing unit as just killed a unit.

Keep in mind that this method isn't all that great and it can easily bug. I'll eventually write a bounty retrieval script, but it'll never make it to TH since it'll be running on a dif Event system than the one here ^)^.


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Damn, and i thought there would be an easy way :-/

then how about Shared money between everyone?
whatever a player kills, the money goes to the "group-money-pool-where-even-the-druud-can-buy-his-forest-resistance-ring", thats possible?


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a unit dies

(killing unit) equals (random unit from (units owned by player[player count]))
(unit-type of (dying unit)) equals Grunt

Playergroup - pick every player in (all players) and do (actions)
player - add 2000 to player [player_count] actuall gold

this should give every human player (if also neutral and enemies i dont care) 2000 gold if a grund is killed by a player owed unit.

i dont quite believe in player[player_count] cause i got this from another trigger i used but didnt write.

any opinions?

btw. how do i write codes like u do? so they look like the real ones in WE? thx


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the money for everyone when killing a unit works now, but Now i want to use the normal bounty number above a dying creeps head to tell the players how much they get now.

If i would set the bounty of a unit to the number i would like to give every player and then give the number to every player again, the killing player would get double the money. Thats not what i want. so i steal his money again so its just 1x the money left.

to do so i used:

a unit dies

((owner of (killing unit)controller)equalls user

player - add (point-value of(dying unit)) to (owner of (killing unit)) current gold
and this line is the problem, i cannot REMOVE the gold i can just ADD it again ... how do i remove it??


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ok last problem solved, i just delevte the amount i give all the players in the same trigger from the killing player
Now the only problem is that your bounty can't be random anymore and it is limited to the max point value a unit can have =).


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hm the random isnt a problem but i do hope the max value a unit can have is at least 9999 then i m satisfied ;)


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Now the only problem is that your bounty can't be random anymore and it is limited to the max point value a unit can have =).
There isn't a real max point value is there? Shift-click lets you input very large numbers.

Randomness is easy, although the problem is you'd have to write up a table of values, from sides per die, number of dice and bounty base, then calculate manually.
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