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Presenting Eragon RPG

Hi there i am making a RPG based on the Inheritence Series (sorry for my bad grammer). It will have every thing in it from the beginning of book 1 to the end of book 2 (and book 3 when it comes out) i will need people for:

Terrain-tbjl2006, oninuva
Units- tbjl2006, NiKaNoRoU_GR, oninuva

The features are:

-4 different types of attack: Magic, Sword, Knife, and Bow.

-A fully rideable dragon that you control. Can either walk or fly.

-20 different magic spells

-NPCs that respond to your words and archers that will target the dragon.

-10 different towns and cites including Carvahall, Teirm, and Dras Leonas.

-5 different type of terrains: Mountains, Desert, Forest, Plains and Coast

-Will include things like: the Spine, Boars Eye, Farthen Dur, even Ellsemer.

-The dragon can lend you magic, breath fire and is protected from arrows every where but the stomach.

-Cinamas that will make you belive you are in a movie theature.

-A hores you can ride as well.

-Characters that will come and go that you can control.

-4 different races in the game: Urgals (Kull), Humans, Elves, and dwarves.

-fully functinal Du Weldvarden with paths that appear and dissapear.

-Beor Mountaind with underground tunnels for the Urgals to come through and Durza.

-Dragon armour and armour for your character;.

-a different way to level up ang to learn your skills and magic pells

-there will also be Surda

-anti cheating system

-and the Blood Oath Ceremony

More will be added soon.


Will add characters more characters,info and pictures when avalable.

I could also use the the help of someone with TFT so i can use th MPQ since i only have RoC i might get TFT soon but im not sure.

If you want to help pm me or post here. More information when I have it


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I would gladly help, but many people must have not read Eragon's books :(
So this probably won't become popular easily.
That's my opinion :(
But I can help you :)


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The point is not weather they have read the book or not. The idea, is that people who HAVN'T read the book still like the neat ideas of the RPG. I could see this RPG having neat spells and ideas, based off of the book, but it would take a lot of work.

Remember, you are not limited just to what is in the book,
Knights :cool:


Eragon riding another dragon? I would like to see that. :rolleyes:
The book was okay... but I guess a game about it on warcraft III is even better...
Good luck with the map!


Maybe add some secret characters that you can choose if you type something?
E.G. -*unit*


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Sounds ambitious. Do you know when the third book is coming out? If it's only a couple of months from now, you're golden, but if it's a year or more, you might just want to stick to Books 1 and 2; you'll end up finishing before the author does!


Unit - Mana
A unit's Mana becomes Equal To - 0.00
Kill - Triggering Unit.


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TBJL if u couldn't do the above trigger, and you also don't have TFT yet, don't atempt to make this rpg. Start something you can finish first.


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Legacyspy said:
TBJL if u couldn't do the above trigger, and you also don't have TFT yet, don't atempt to make this rpg. Start something you can finish first.

He has a good point. Do not post here, do like 2% of the map, then expect others to do the rest and you still get credit. Start out with something simple like a maze, while posting in the World Editor Help Zone for help, and slowly you will gain triggering abilities.

Hope this will help,
Knights :cool:


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srry i miss typed that thing about the trigger i ment i was to bored to open up we and figure out how to do it im kindof preocupied today ive made some mazes and im good a triggers usually


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I love the book :) Read the whole thing cept The Empire which hasnt come out yet! I'm sure right after the movie comes out it will get more popular. But how big is the map? Is it Battle.Net Compatible or is it Campaign?

Sounds awsome with the dragon and stuff. If you need any help im open :)
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