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My power died on me while saving, killed like half my Object Data.
So i had to retype all my tooltips, which means a new color unfortunately.
But the mode is complete and I plan on releasing it today.
Was doing beta tests of the mode yesterday.


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Okay Ghost Walker has been disabled, causes too many problems.
Allows users to abuse bugs etc.
Other abilities are now added.


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Yeah, but you could run off the map. Which was a problem.

And yeah i also liked the old color, I tried to get it as similar possible. But not quite the same.


Oh, good, thought you'd stopped working on this :)

I had a thought for an item;

Soul Stone: when a unit nearby dies, it's soul is trapped in the stone. It can be used to heal the bearer for X hp (quite high) one time use only.


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Ah, just working (recovering) a Hero Defense somebody I know made and gave up on. When I finish that, I will work on the next version of Escape.
I like your idea. Also kinda gives me the idea of when a player dies, he becomes a kindof 'Healing Ghost' that assists other players or something like that. Not very useful in Single Player though.
I like your idea though, I will make it when any unit dies though and not just killed by the Player with the ability. Will comment again when I work on it.

Also rebalancing Versus Mode and looking into new Runes.


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I have not given up on this project and will be continuing it in the nearby future. Unfortunately now I am studying full-time so will have less time for it, but I will make changes when I get a chance.

Expect a new version soon.


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Should be released in a few hours, have simply increased the stat tracking for more "fun" comparisons in the Classic game mode such as who collected the most runes and who casts the least etc.

Watch this space for more.


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Next version shall contain new waves, in mind currently have Flame Minions and Fire Lords for a wave after Naga and before Blademasters.

The Fire Lords will not attack, and instead will randomly cast Flame Strike every few seconds. This will add a more exciting and different feel for evading types of enemies. Causing players to avoid points rather than units, but obviously you will not just be evading points, the Flame Minions (Lava Spawns) will be chasing you, and they will ofcourse be immune to the Flame Strikes.

This will make abilities such as blink more effective, and thinks such as Blocking less useful.
Once again team work will be useful and encouraged to perhaps stun the Flame Lords so they cannot cast Flame Strikes or heal/protect each other.

Will be working on other Projects and studying for the next while, However in about 2weeks-1Month's time another version shall be completed.

Comment below to have your idea's heard and possibly placed in version 1.8


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Currently still working on this, very slowly.
Busy with many assignments, and have other maps that are currently in progress.

If anybody has any idea's or suggestions, feel free to comment. Feedback is needed.


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How about some ability based on your current situation?

Name: Revenant
Type: Q: Summon
Effect: Summons a Revenant in the center of the map. Every 3 seconds, the revenant will overload a random unit on the map with energy, preventing it from moving but stunning and dealing damage to the first enemy that approaches.


Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.
It's kinda double edged, so it should be able to target anything. Changed the interval to 3 seconds to avoid immobility.
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