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These are my next 2 spells!

The ideas are taken from the Amazon in Diablo 2, who can shoot those kind of arrows. For those who never played Diablo 2, Freezing Arrow deals some damage and completely freezes units caught in the area of effect, preventing them to move. Exploding arrow simply explodes upon reaching its target, dealing damage to other units that are close to the target.


The spells:

--> Exploding Arrow

- It is in JASS
- Leakless
- Less lag possible
- Easy-to-follow implementation steps.

--> Freezing Arrow

- Non-triggered spell


I think those spells are useful especially for bow-using heroes, who are often numerous but have boring spells.


EDIT: Update #1

EDIT: Update #2 (Fixed 1 leak...)

EDIT: Update #3 (Fixed BJs)


  • Arrow Spellpack.w3x
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The ice one I don't really like :( ....
But the flame one is seriosly awesome! Good job, simple, but effective (I'll be using that... just as a magician spell XD I'm so cheap :D)
I can't really make the ice art smaller, because it is an art field in the Object Editor, which I can't edit. If you ever played D2 you'd know it looks pretty much like it ;)
Looks cool but I'm not at home so I will take a look at the code and spell more when I get home.
Nice modification of Acid Bomb, it looks really good. Same thing goes for the fire arrow, looks great and works as it should, however you got a small leak in the code:
        exitwhen looping == 12
[B]        set nl = PolarProjectionBJ(ll, 150.00, angle)[/B]
        call AddSpecialEffectLocBJ(nl, FA_ArtPath())
        call DestroyEffect(bj_lastCreatedEffect)
        set looping = looping + 1
        set angle = angle + 30.00
Your only destroying one of the 11 created locations, move the RemoveLocation call into the loop. It must have been a late night mistake, since your during it correctly with the effects.
Nice spells (+Rep)

u could call the "Flame Arrow" in the name "Exploding Arrow" it suits much better to the skill itself.
Thanks both of you for your inputs, Flame Arrow is becoming Exploding Arrow and the leak is fixed :p

Attaching the map soon.

EDIT: Updated.
Oh, and small note. Your could also make your effect like this:
        call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectLocBJ(nl, FA_ArtPath()))
And link it for approval.
Some more comments :)
I suddenly noticed that the time your waiting for the missile to hit the target is constant, so if the target moves the damage will be delayed. You'll might get a better result if you made a trigger register when the targeted unit takes damage from the spell. And you don't really need to use local handle system to acheive it, simply use the bj global array named ghoul, and set the targeted units custom value to the array index like so:
    local unit targ = GetTriggerUnit()
    local unit cast = bj_ghoul[GetUnitUserData(targ)]

    if cast == GetEventDamageSource() and GetUnitAbilityLevel(targ,ExplodianArraw_Buff) > 0 then

    local trigger trig = CreateTrigger()

    set bj_ghoul[100] = cast
    call SetUnitUserData(targ,100)
    call TriggerRegisterUnitEvent(trig,targ,EVENT_UNIT_DAMAGED)
    call TriggerAddAction(trig,function...)
Even though it would be better to use a local handle system.
Well, it would lead to better results but as it is right now the arrow is really fast (1100) and anyways after the wait, even if the arrow didn't land yet (which would be surprising), the effects and stuff will be created around the unit's current position, not where it was before the wait.

At least It should :rolleyes: i'd have to look it over again I just closed WE.
Nice spells, I like!!
+Rep for you, but I have a quick question...
I don't even know how to make a trigger JASS??
Much less know how to use it, but how do you make it where a trigger is JASS?
ice is too big to match the D2 one, but you cant fix that. I havent checked the map but there should also be a frosty mist in the area of effect created when the arrow hits.
yea I'll check if I can add that in the Object Editor as an Art - Area of Effect or something.

;) Thanks for the input.
When I make spells for my map and I think they are well-made, useful, and cool I post them here :)

EDIT: Seems like I'm the only spells mod :p Can't approve my own spell :eek:
nice dax

the arrow spell pack should be nice when combined by the spell used in diablo, penetration, by the amazon also

the arrow passes through any enemy unit on a line

+rep if i can
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