Fairy Tail: Guild Wars [Recruiting Spellmaker]

Name: Fairy Tail: Guild Wars
Type of Map: AoS
Hero Ideas: 100% done
Models: 100% done
Terrain: 50% done
Triggers: 0% done

Description: Fairy Tail is a new popular anime that is growing larger by the minute. Naruto Wars Unlimited is the most hosted Anime AoS map out there and Naruto is the top anime with exposure atm. I have fallen in love with the series and know a lot of people love fairy tail more then naruto now. So i plan to make a fairy tail aos. I always wanted to make a map but never could get my full concentration on it. But I am very inspired into making this because I feel fairy Tail is the next big anime that will increase in popularity and I want to capitalize on that.

My Skills: I know a limited amount of gui but no jass, vjass, or cjass. Or any jass for that matter ;p I do love to terrain for fun and am taking 3d modelling classes at college atm. So i will make models as the project gets built.

Screenshots: Will post when Terrain is done.

Recruiting: Mainly any spellmaker who would like to help. I would love to have 1 fulltime spellmaker because it would be a lot easier to work with and he/she can be my partner in this whole project. A person who loves the Anime itself is a plus so they can come up with ideas i also ;P

Heroes for First Version




Full Map:



Secret Shop:


Currently inactive
Triggers: 0% done
Oh dear.
Always start with the Triggers and map functions, lol.

But on the help side of things, I can give feedback, beta test and/or help with hero balancing and ideas.

Just let me know what you need, but don't expect me to be like "oooh make it blue, because i love anime and that is blue" or w/e because I'm not that into it.
But yeah I could help abit or steer you in the right direction if you need help with that.
Also post individual issues on the World Editor Help forum, there are alot of people there that are willing to help individual problems.



You can change this now in User CP.
I have a reasonably good knowledge of GUI and could help with triggers and spells.
I can more or less understand Jass and have periodically modified it to suit my needs, but don't know enough to truly write in it.
I believe I can help with the abilities if u have a decent idea of what u want them to do and wouldn't mind to have a project to work on again. Sorry I can't promise full-time, have a busy enough study schedule, but can work on it evenings.

I also want to see how the progress looks so far.

btw, I think Inflicted is right in saying
Also post individual issues on the World Editor Help forum, there are alot of people there that are willing to help individual problems.
It is much easier to get help on one problem than a prolonged effort of making a whole map.
Sorry for the late response but i had finals for school and was very busy.

I sent a PM to all and still havent gotten back so i guess I am still looking for a spell maker. Would like to get this project started again asap.


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I'm sorry if this is off-topic as I am not actually offering myself for this position (currently working on a map of my own), but as I was browsing through the forums and stumbled and came across this thread, I couldn't help but notice that this:

Looks WAY too much like a penis. Unless this is what you were going for, or simply that I have a sick mind and no one else sees the penis in that picture, then my advice would be to change it before it is too late.
lol if you think thats a penis thats a very small one haha. I guess i can see the relation but so far your the only one that has mentioned it to me xD. I guess if it becomes a bother I could change it lol.


Honestly, I think that was by pure accident, but a hilarious one nonetheless...
I'm also a great follower of Fairy Tail Manga. Are you REALLY planning to make custom models for characters?
I can help, I mean, I kinda retired from Warcraft 3 Mapping since patch 1.24 killed my dream project. But I can at least help out.

I know most of the abilities from Fairy Tail (Almost all of them, actually) And they are pretty simple to make in GUI.
(Only a few may need some advanced JASS coding)
I can make stuff in GUI + Object Editing if you want, so that you can also copy over and recalibrate it yourself as you see fit.

Although, now I have forgotten what half of the actions and things do in GUI triggering, but when I opened up my old map upon my brother's request, I was surprised how quickly it returned to me. :p
Just for the reference, Here's the AoS I was working on... >> Clicky <<
Glad to hear from you! I have all the required models for a fairy tail map first version already ;D so basically we can start coding right now and all will be good. If you have msn messenger add me at keonibaisa@live.com so we can talk more.


I don't have a MSN/live ID (I mean, I don't use MSN at all)
Alternatively, You can just list the names of the abilities / spells you need. And I will code them for you in small Maps and PM the links to you. (Which you can easily copy over).

I can start with Natsu and Gray if you like. Since you're making AoS, I'd design spells from that perspective. :)
Sounds great. Will send you my hero ideas for natsu as soon as I get back from class today. Also gray only needs his ult done and we have a finished hero lol.
Update: So after over a month of waiting for one set of hero spell I think Sid (my spellmaker) became too busy in college. Which I understand because I am pretty packed with homework as well. But I really do want this to get going. So until I hear a word from him again... I am looking for another spellmaker. Also will post Model Screenshots and Character List for First Version Soon.


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I like the terrain, the idea of each lane looking like a different layout rather than the Good vs Evil or Dead vs Undead vibe which is common.
This could be something interesting, best of luck and I'd gladly help with ideas on abilities/hero's or help to trigger them.

Perhaps take a look at some of my other projects and if you like the style of abilities I make, then just let me know if you want any help.
In list of recency:
Inflicted Defence
Escape - MiniGame
Pretty good stuff there inflicted. Do you have a msn messenger account? Or would you prefer to talk to pm messages only in here?


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PM, skype or e-mail.

Up to you.

Any info on this finished hero?
Perhaps i could give suggestions or help in some way.

Maybe you need help with your systems or triggers?
I can help in any way other than Terrain, haha.


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Hey there Draganizer, I'm currently making a map called Elemental Tournament comprised almost entirely of JASS. When I get over my temporary infatuation with Minecraft, I'm interested in helping you out by making a few JASS abilities. I can make some fairly complex abilities when the need arises.

I'm a tricky person to work with however, but so long as you aren't on my case 24/7, I'll make a few abilities for you (because it's really quite a lot of fun!) This sounds like a promising project and I'm keen to be a part of it. I don't watch the show but I'm in the process of getting my hands on it ;) you can contact me on skype, but only at pre-determined times because I'm barely ever on, and I hate voice chatting so messages only.

EDIT: I'm interesting in being part time help, but depending how the project takes shape and how busy I am in my upcoming holiday, I may make the move to full-time spellmaker. But let's not jump the gun yet ;)
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