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    I was previously working on a BShips map, but frankly, I find myself unable to continue. Maybe I'm bored, lol. Anyway, some ideas came to me recently. I might start writing about them (I'm no novelist, but I do have decent writing skills).
    I might also make map with this in mind. I am unsure what the format is going to be, RPG or melee...prob rpg.

    I'm afraid the basic premise isn't that original. It is set in a land where a cataclysmic event resulted in the downfall of an ancient race of magical beings, the Nu. Basically, their magic went awry and destroyed their civilization and transfromed their bodies...from the Nu we get the modern races. The top goodly racial categories are the Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Beastmen. There are lots of sub-races, however.

    For the Elves, there are the High Elves, Moon Elves, Wood Elves, the Wandering Elves, and the Drow(not a good race, obviously). Each one has their own unique characteristics. The High Elves are the most haughty elves, building grand structures and cities, and priding themselves on their magic. The Moon elves are nocturnal, living mostly in the Forests of Twilight, where an ancient magical spell causes it to be night no matter the time elsewhere (the trees themselves are unusal, and cope well with moonlight) The Wood Elves are known as the guardians of the forest, and can be found just about anywhere there are trees. The Wandering elves are the most flamboyant, and the least racist, of the elves. They are inflicted with a serious condition, "wanderlust" (serious condition, indeed) and coexist well with the other races. The drow are the black sheep of the elves, living underground and of a generally hostile nature.

    The Humans (don't we all love the humans) have their differences too. I don't have names for them yet though. One sub-race has bluish skin, reminiscent of the Nu. I can't think of much for the humans, unfortunately.

    The Dwarves have less variation than the others. There are the Mountain Dwarves, and I think that is enough said. The Hill Dwarves live, obviously, on hills, and are more readily involved with the other races. The Dark Dwarves are underground dwarves with a penchant for malice.

    The Beastmen are a weird "race" for they aren't really a race at all. Moreover, it is a collection of sub-races that live together. The downfall of the Nu resulted in some merging between Nu and animal. While history records that some other forms used to exist, lack of , ahem, enough mates slowly drove them to extinction...though rumors have it that some still survive in isolated conclaves. But then again, rumor suggest that just about every disappeared race still survives, including the Nu. Anyway, the main animal traits are Bear, Dog, Panther, Eagle, and Deer.

    The interesting part is the Half-Elven, a "race" of outcasts that banded together and formed a nation of their own. Blessed with the best traits of both races, they are quite formidable. While not quite as long lived as normal elves, they have much greater fertility, although not as much as humans. They have the grace of movement that comes with being an elf, and the strength of being a human. They possess excellent eyesight, for both day and night, and have various magical talents. Their skins come in different shades, from silver to light to blue, all variations on the races that get blended. They are slightly taller than the average human, have slightly elongated ears, and have beards, which normal elves do not. Interestingly enough, the half-elf nation had a policy of free passage and citizenship to all Half-elves, regardless of where they are born.

    After typing all this, I dont think I am going to make this a map. But I think it is an interesting setting to write about. If you have any suggestions, comments, criticism, just post :)

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