Offense Fate / Stay Night 2


A current test game only.
Version : 3.04 (3.60mb)
Download : 2.90 (3.97mb)

The current terrain is a bit weird as it looks Booty Bay (the first 1:1 map you see on Reign of Chaos), but chilly terrain (under 2.5) and tropical terrain (after 2.5). Again chilly terrain (after 2.89).

Small bug : Ice chunks prevent players from sinking...

Only 20 characters. Not much but 5 are half-copies so you can think on 15 heroes.
(almost) all heroes on the screenshots.

The game may use in future versions the Custom Game Ladder for testing purposes if it works correctly (Score Works power).

Screenshots :
Caster Duel v1.76 Screenshot.

Caster Duel v1.92 Screenshot.

Caster Duel v2.26/v2.34 Screenshots (and maybe old screenshots).

Caster Duel v2.50 after

Screenshots bad. I know.

Character list (starts from Caster Flight) : Caster Flight, Saber (Night Heaven Suit), Rin, Berserker, Gilgamesh, Lancelot, Caster, Saber, Archer, Avenger, Shiro (Test Version), Rider, Assassin, Lancer, Ilya.
Special Characters : ronschi (Dark Lancelot-Lancelot), ronschi2 (Rinlamesh-Rin), le.sang (Ganondeurf-Assassin).

Win Conditions : kill enemy base (30000 hp isn't that much?)

Most not balanced characters : Gilgamesh (stills in balancing test with the imba enuma elish power), Archer (same thing but with rho aias), Shiro (same thing but with nine lives), Assassin (teh imba attributes on the drying pole!)

About Artificial Intelligence : they are bad spammers on Command Spells and using them by mistake

Your gold : Your score
Your assist : How well you help your allies
Your APM : Your APM...;

If you play the map for the first time, never put Normal or Insane AI as they may destroy your head.

Command Lists to show : -cmd1, -cmd2 (in case you are lost)

Your stats :
- 1 vit gives you 4 max hp and 0.18 vit (1 vit means 1 hp/s althrough the stat is 1 vit and not 1 hp/s)
- 1 agi gives you 1% aspd and 0.2 armor (the more aspd you get, the more untouchable at melee you are)
- 1 dex gives you 0.1 reg (or 0.2 if I don't remember correctly) and bonus mp when hitting enemies (depends also on enemy dex), also gives 2 bonus damage
- 1 dmg gives you 4 dmg (good but this stat is only from F2)

Combos :
- a combo is called an Alternative Spell to a spell
- to perform an Alternative Spell, you must follow what is written on the F2 stat for combos. The more you use them, the more you learn and the faster you perform them.
- some Alternative Spells are extremly hard to do (such as Unlimited Projections II from Archer).
- the more power your based last Alternative Spell is (the last spell of the Alternative Chain, for instance : 34 Alternative = 4 is the last spell of the Alternative Chain), the more nukes it may do to your enemies
- some Alternative Spells are existing only with Longer Cast (Command Spell)
- if for unknown reasons the fog remains after the Alternative, write "-fog " (with a space at end)

Command Spells :
- numpad 7 (unusable) : Blocks 1 spell every 10/2 seconds (saves your life mostly in battle).
- numpad 8 (targetable) : Deals 250/450 dmg to target and purges for 3 seconds (slows). Consumes 1 CS (Command Spell).
- numpad 4 (unusable) : The amount of Command Spells you have. You have 15 every ressurection and you can trade 3 SP for 5 CS (in 2.35 you need 6 SP).
- numpad 5 (instant cast) : For 10 seconds. Restores HP on cast of the spell. 200 additional vit (200 hp/s), 0 MP (your MP bar won't show up anymore during the Command Spell), cooldown reseting every seconds, infinite jewels for Rin. 3 seconds cooldown after effect. Consumes 5 CS.
- numpad 1 (instant cast) : Heals HP of your character. 3 seconds cooldown. Consumes 1 CS.
- numpad 2 (instant cast) : Heals MP of your char. 3 seconds cooldown. Consumes 2 CS.

About Artificial Intelligence part 2 :
- they bad
- they nuke creeps with 400 mana spells or Lightning Scroll
- they teamkill with Lancelot
- they don't care at your life
- they are the best tank ever if you need one
- they are the worst tank ever if they have 0 CS left
- they spam everywhere numpad 1
- same thing for numpad 8
- the more you attack them, the more they attack you
- they will reflect you automaticly what they don't like to take (Tsubame Gaeshi II, Gaebolg, Rule Breaker, Avalon, Void Avesta II .....)
- they don't know much how to use Alternatives but they can by chance (Caster CPU sucks at using Lightning Bombing II)
- they don't know how to use trees to do extra damage (which is critical sometimes)
- they don't want to put points in Damage +4
- they don't know teamplaying except at start in middle (where every computer will meet ^^)
- newbie AI < normal AI < insane AI < imba AI (you need versions after 2.35 included for imba AI)
- they like to get stucked and to remain where they are forever (which is good when it's avenger xd)
- use "-locate" to delocate to their base stucked heroes...
- it's not fair to abuse stuck bug
- they ignore if you are stucked
- they will nuke you as long as it is possible
- Lancelot will always use Knight of Kamelot on creeps when it's possible
- players > AI (sometimes only unfortunately ; AI is stronger than you)
- imba AI > you (imba reactions, yes)

About load time :
- takes up to 20 seconds in loading screen
- takes up to 30 seconds in game for loading everything (if you want to have 0.2 fps the whole game then ignore the game)
- the map runs at worse 1.5 fps in 950 mhz computers so you should have much more
- play game singleplayer / clan games, better than public hosting for loading
- always play with AI as they may feed you in load time
- you should use Random Races when hosting in LAN/ to remove that annoying lag after game start (that lag goes in Map Initialization but takes a bit much more VM on your cpu after game...)

Graphics :
- intense lag, a 950 mhz drops from an average of 18 fps to 1.5 fps when 11 insane AI meets in mid
- intense lag, when Gilgamesh does succesfully 30 hits of Enuma Elish without wait
- intense lag, when something screw up (which will never happen)
- CPU are the power of the lag
- CPU always lag on battle

F2 :
- vitality +1 for 1 SP
- agility +1 for 1 SP
- dexterity +1 for 1 SP
- damage +1 (+4 in fact) for 1 SP (CHEAP)
- scrolls upgrade (-8s delay on protection, +200 damage and slow on lightning...) for 10 SP only...
- Command Spells +5 (traded for 3 or 6 SP depending on game version.. 6 SP after 2.6...)
- Teleport Upgrade (+25% blink range for 3 SP lol but 9 SP after 2.6)
- the infocard of your character (which shows everything and your Alternative..)
- Attribute 1 for ?? SP
- Attribute 2 for ?? SP
- Attribute 3 for ?? SP
- Attribute 4 for ?? SP
and of course the attributes increase your survival efficiency... (a hero with all attributes learnt is much more better than one without...)

in case your Alternative Spell is not showing correctly, here the list of Alternatives :
- Caster / Flight : 34
- Saber / Night Heaven Suit : 53 (+ Wind Enchantement on)
- Rin : 54
- Berserker : 34 (31 special)
- Gilgamesh : 54 (+99 swords)
- Lancelot : 534 (may screw up randomly)
- Archer : 324 (very HARD with Rho Aias level 1)
- Avenger : 134/314
- Shiro : 34 (berserker copy)
- Rider : 3254 (once you did 325, or 235, or 523..... you can spam 4 as much as you want since you will combo each time)
- Assassin : 43 (no Alternative if no return)
- Lancer : 34 (you can backstab even while you are doing Gaebolg which is very good)
- Sakura : 14 (warning you may teamkill at high chance)
- le.sang : 34 (Gaebolg II from Lancer)
- ronschi : 32 (Excalibur from Shiro and Archer)
- ronschi2 : 54 (Gandr Shot II from Rin)
- Ilya : 514

some specials about the map :
- Berserker is a good character to start the map with
- every hero has crit/evade
- the more damage you do, the more MP you gain (depending on your DEX)
- a critical x3 is mostly deadly except in late games in which your enemies have something like 60 armor at least (~80% dmg reduction)
- damage builds are late game suicide (since you will die before or you crit 3x will only do 5200 dmg which is reduced by a LOT)
- stat builds are best late game but are worst early game
- Computer always do stat build to get your head out late game

- go in water (only some spells allow it, like The Drying Pole, Air Strike or Nine Lives) and wait an enemy hits you and you should see a beautiful SFX appearing on you that kills your characters
- suicide on computer
- attack against avalon/tsubame gaeshi/rule breaker/gaebolg
- do nothing

Small mini guide of all chars :

Rin :
- Jewel Throwing (1 jewel / 5 hits)
- Ice Path (2 jewels / 7 hits)
- Jewel Throwing EX (4 jewels / 18 hits) - 100mp
- Gandr Shot (10 hits) - 300mp
- Kaleido-Ruby (damage up, hp reg, vit reg, mp reg) - 100mp

- Jewel Throwing upgrade (+1 hit) - 12sp
- Ice Path upgrade (+1 hit) - 12sp
- Jewel Throwing EX upgrade (+4 hits) - 12sp
- Gandr Shot upgrade (280ms initiation faster) - 12sp

- Alternate Kaleido-Ruby->Gandr Shot (54)
Effect : +5 hits Gandr Shot

Berserker :
- Air Strike (4 hits)
- Enpower (additional melee damage) - 100mp
- Mad Enhancement (hit protection, spell initiation faster) - 200mp
- Nine Lives (8-9 hits) - 400mp
- Berserker's Sword (damage upgrade passive)

- Air Strike upgrade (+1 hit) - 10sp
- Air Strike upgrade 2 (Air Strike auto Alternative) - 12sp
- Mad Enhancement upgrade (splash damage on cast) - 6sp
- Nine Lives upgrade (initiates Nine Lives 440ms faster) - 20sp

- Alternate Mad Enhancement->Nine Lives (34)
Effect : Adds 1 final hit (ultra mega damaging)
- Not-Alternate Mad Enhancement->Air Strike (31)
Effect : Initiates 80% faster

Gilgamesh :
- Sword Rain (6~10 hits) - 5 swords
- Enkidu (22x2 hits on 4 seconds) - 22 swords - 200mp
- Sword Creation (+5 swords) - free but has cooldown
- Enuma Elish (int(swords/5)x nDmg) - all swords - 400mp
- Gate of Babylon (sword capacity up, ms up, aspd up, damage taken increases by 20%) - 200mp

- Sword Rain upgrade (+2 hits) - 12sp
- Enkidu upgrade (damage on cast instantly) - 8sp
- Sword Creation upgrade (double amount of swords created) - 12sp
- Enuma Elish upgrade (initiates faster Enuma Elish by 300ms) - 16sp

- Alternate Gate of Babylon->Enuma Elish (54)
Effect : 30 hits Enuma Elish

Lancelot :
- Submachine Gun (many hits forward)
- Enuma Elish (5 hits only) - 200mp
- Alondite (blocks most targetable/aoe spells and +200 max hp) - 200mp
- Knight of Kamelot (as in fsn1, spawns many F-15 Eagle but with lower Special Effects (to avoid lag) that deals damage and big kaboom at end - stun locks for the spell duration except in some cases) - 500mp
- Protection From Faeries (blocks any damage but some stuns can bypass it) - 200mp

- Submachine Gun upgrade (+2 hits) - 10sp
- Enuma Elish upgrade (Auto Alternative) - 14sp
- Alondite upgrade (splash damage on cast) - 6sp
- Knight of Kamelot upgrade (silence duration low, big kaboom initiates faster by 1200ms, stunlocks Lancelot for a shorter time) - 18sp

- Alternate Alondite->Protection From Faeries->Knight of Kamelot (354) or Protection From Faeries->Alondite->Knight of Kamelot (534)
Effect : Super big-bang final (additional damage but only on enemies)
- Not-Alternative Alondite->Enuma Elish (32)
Effect : Initiates faster Enuma Elish by 60%

Caster :
- Lasers (5 hits forward : mini excalibur)
- Thunder Rain (6-10 hits)
- Rule Breaker (counterhits by chance by dealing damage + all CS break, bypasses all incoming hits) - 200mp
- Lightning Bombing (high damage spell) - 500mp
- Mana Aura (+3 mp/s aura global)

- Lasers upgrade (+1 hit) - 8sp
- Thunder Rain upgrade (+2 hits) - 8sp
- Rule Breaker upgrade (-1 CS to all close enemies on cast) - 16sp
- Lightning Bombing upgrade (always hits enemies on target spot) - 24sp

- Alternate Rule Breaker->Lightning Bombing (34)
Effect : Always hits all enemies on the full target spot and makes big flashy effect

Saber :
- Wind Blade (damage instant on cast)
- Caliburn (mini excalibur, 4-6 hits, and disables Wind Enchantement) - 100mp
- Excalibur (12-18 hits, disables Wind Enchantement) - 400mp
- Avalon (counterhits at melee on hit) - 500mp
- Wind Enchantement on/off (when on increases damage and adds 6 hits on excalibur, when off decreases armor but adds 2 hits on caliburn)

- Wind Blade upgrade (add damages) - 8sp
- Caliburn upgrade (+1 hit) - 12sp
- Excalibur upgrade (initiates 210ms faster Excalibur) - 12sp
- Caliburn/Excalibur Ex upgrade (initiates faster Caliburn by 50% and adds 2 hits to Excalibur) - 24sp

- Alternate Wind Enchantement On->Excalibur (54)
Effect : 18 hits Excalibur

Archer :
- Arrows (fires n arrows forward)
- Caladbolg (bashes a target spot with 3 hits at long range) - 200mp
- Rho Aias (allows new spells by removing old ones, and block all incoming hits) - 200mp
- Unlimited Projections (projects n spells which are Jewel Throwing EX, Enuma Elish, Ice Path, Caladbolg, and Longer Sword Rain ; spell levels depends on each learnt spell level : arrows, caladbolg, unlimited projections - always final projection Excalibur) - 400mp
- Blocking (always block 40% of incoming physical attacks)

- Ice Path (Rin's Ice Path spell) - 100mp
- Enuma Elish (3 hits) - 200mp
- Longer Sword Rain (22x2 hits) - 200mp

- Arrows upgrade (fires by chance Hrunting on cast but it needs 1 enemy HERO in sight) - 10sp
- Caladbolg upgrade (+1 hit) - 16sp
- Caladbolg upgrade 2 (210ms initiation faster) - 8sp
- Blocking upgrade (+20% block) - 14sp

- Alternate Rho Aias->Caladbolg->Unlimited Projections (324)
note : HARD TO DO when Rho Aias is Level 1
Effect : Excalibur 18 hits at end, increased speed projections

Avenger :
- Walk of Darkness (stats up) - 100mp
- False Record (fires dark spells forward) - 200mp
- Unlimited Remains (speed up but damage taken up) - 300mp
- Void Avesta (returns any incoming damage but won't kill some heroes with blocking status such as Rho Aias or Perfect Block, they will remains with 1hp left) - 400mp
- Life Aura (1 vitality grants 0.07 additional hp/s, global aura)

- Walk of Darkness upgrade (hits close enemies on cast to stun them) - 6sp
- False Record upgrade (adds 3 hits on False Record) - 16sp
- Unlimited Remains upgrade (hits close enemies on cast to stun them) - 8sp
- Void Avesta upgrade (after casting it when it is an Alternate, automaticly heals after a short time which is combined with instant heal on Alternate) - 24sp

- Alternate Walk of Darkness->Unlimited Remains->Void Avesta (134) or Unlimited Remains->Walk of Darkness->Void Avesta (314)
Effect : fully heals on cast

Shiro :
- Arrows (see Archer)
- Caladbolg (see Archer) - 200mp
- Rho Aias (has a shortened time effect than Archer and is not allowing new spells) - 200mp
- Nine Lives (see Berserker) - 400mp

- Arrows upgrade (see Archer) - 10sp
- Caladbolg upgrade (see Archer) - 16sp
- Caladbolg upgrade 2 (see Archer) - 8sp
- Blocking (see Archer) - 14sp

- Alternate Rho Aias->Caladbolg (32)
Effect : Excalibur 18 hits
- Not-Alternate Rho Aias->Nine Lives (34)
Effect : Adds 1 final hit (same as Berserker)

Rider :
- Catena Sword Nail (fires a hit forward)
- Breaker Gorgon (slows all enemies close but gains aspd/ms) - 300mp
- Blood Fort Andromeda (heals on cast for a short time, heals when hitting enemy) - 300mp
- Bellerophon (forward hits 5x) - 400mp
- Riding (speed increase) - 200mp

- Catena Sword Nail upgrade (always hit on target spot) - 12sp
- Breaker Gorgon upgrade (stuns close enemies) - 12sp
- Blood Fort Andromeda upgrade (restore hit points on cast proportional to amount of enemies close) - 12sp
- Bellerophon (initiates faster Bellerophon) - 12sp

- Alternate Riding->Breaker Gorgon->Blood Fort Andromeda->Bellerophon (5234)
you can switch between Riding/Breaker Gorgon/Blood Fort Andromeda but it must always finish with Bellerophon
Effect : Air Bellerophon, splash damage very high and pushes very far

Assassin :
- Wind Blade (see Saber)
- The Drying Pole (3 hits forward and teleport on target point, DON'T SINK!) - 100mp
- Perfect Block (blocks any incoming hit)
- Tsubame Gaeshi (you counterhit 3x if you get hit) - 300mp
- Transparence (adds critical chance and avoid chance)

- Wind Blade upgrade (see Saber) - 8sp
- The Drying Pole upgrade (adds damage at target spot) - 12sp
- Transparence upgrade (doubles the chances on Transparence) - 12sp
- The Drying Pole Ex upgrade (removes 1 hit on The Drying Pole but removes cooldown by chance [30%]) - 18sp

- Alternate Perfect Block->Tsubame Gaeshi (34)
Effect : Counter always deal much more damage

Lancer :
- Spear Throwing (see Rider)
- Reflection (Wind Blade but pushes more)
- Gaebolg Return (counterhits by chance dealing high damage) - 200mp
- Gaebolg Ranged (fires Gaebolg 5x hits) - 300mp
- Battle Continuation (grants enough hit points to survive any hits for a short time) - 200mp

- Spear Throwing upgrade (always hits on target spot) - 8sp
- Reflection upgrade (pushes twice much more on cast) - 8sp
- Reflection upgrade 2 (adds 1 hit on Reflection) - 16sp
- Gaebolg Ranged upgrade (initiates faster Gaebolg Ranged by 260ms) - 16sp

- Alternate Gaebolg Return->Gaebolg Ranged (34)
Effect : adds 4 hits on cast

Ilya :
- Restore (blocks all hits)
- Thunder Rain (see Caster)
- Ilya Shot (mini Gandr Shot, x6 hits) - 200mp
- Projectile (bouncing spell that appears when it wants) - 400mp
note : If you play Ilya on 2.69, Projectile can be spammed freely. over 2.69, it can not be spammed anymore
- Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya (stats increase) - 500mp

- Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya upgrade (stats effect increase but mp cost +200) - 16mp
- Thunder Rain upgrade (see Caster) - 8sp
- Ilya Shot upgrade (+2 hits on Ilya Shot) - 12sp
- Projectile upgrade (initiates faster Projectile) - 14sp

- Alternate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya->Restore->Projectile (514)
Effect : Projectile initiates faster
- Not-Alternate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya->Ilya Shot (53)
Effect : +2 hits Ilya Shot

True Assassin :
- Darks [1] (does n hits forwards)
- Darks [2] (does n hits on target area) - 100mp
- Reconstruction (heals and add damage/armor) - 200mp
- Zabaniya [Delusional Image] (illusory attack with Darks) - 300mp
- Permanent Invisibility (10% avoid on hit, 0.8s invisible, detected at 1100 servant ranges)

- Darks [1] upgrade 1 (+2 hits) - 10sp
- Darks [1] upgrade 2 (delayless when casted) - 14sp
- Invisibility upgrade (increases avoid chance and grants faster invisibility) - 8sp
- Zabaniya upgrade (adds 4 images to Zabaniya and initiates/casts faster) - 18sp

- Alternate Reconstruction->Zabaniya (34)
Effect : faster and more damage and final damage at end

Command List... use -cmd1/2/3/4... i know -cmdn command is outdated xd
"-cmdn" (Shows the ingame commands, replace n between 1 to 3)
"-camera" (Shows the camera commands)
"-name xxxxxxx..." (Replace "xxxxxx..." by what you want: Names your team)
"-score xx" (Replace "xx" by the number of the player. Gets the score of the player althrough you can see it in the Multiboard)
"-flag on/off" (Turns on/off flags/maphack detection for everyone.)
"-fog on/off" (Turns on/off fog effects and Alternative Spells, some Alternative Spells can not be turned off)
"-fog " (with a space at end ; Resets the fog if it doesn't want to reset by a bug)
"-new" (Creates a new wisp in case your Wisp/Hero got a bug but you restart at Level 1 and 0 SP)
"-msn " (Replace n between 1 and 2, forces a MS reset in case your character won't move anymore)
"-move xx" (Forces the target player to its start point)
"-chat on/off" (Turns on/off messages showing when writing something)
"-cam on/off" (Turns on/off camera auto-panning/height to your character)
"-rlm" (Real Life Mode : Halves the current hit points of everything except creeps, giving less reaction time to you)
"-fix" (FixCast : In case your character is paused forever, this will solve it for you)
"-combo on/off" (Turns on/off Combo showing on hit)
"-imba xx" (Turns the player computer in Imba Mode. Replace xx by the number of the player)
"-del" (Delay : Changes the latency of spells)

in case you use the old version.. :

map too big to be uploaded (~3.9mb).

how to restore the map file from the zipped files :
- extract all parts
- you should see 3 .w3x (with something like 00, 01, and 02) and 1 .bat
- run the .bat file
- the map is recreated
- move the map in wc3 maps folder

if you are looking for the map you can find me in Northrend as White-Flower in channel Clan FSnC or in the game name called "fsn2" or private game (whisper me is good)



Well-Known Member
Looks like a nice map... what type of map is it? AOS? A custom model per hero can get a bit size-heavy. I like the terrain.... waaaaayyyyy better than mine >>


I played this with Chocobo and I can tell you that this awesome.
Really facepaced, really facepaced, I couldn't even use a spell before I died, but that's just me. Slow as always.

Generally an awesome map, with lots of eyecandy, nice sounds and models, I recommend every single anime lover to play this map, aswell as any other slightly interested map maker, because this is truly genious.


there is 2.69 available but you need to directly dl from me.

updates (~approx) :
- Nine Lives (berserker) did change
- Nine Lives (berserker) weaker
- Nine Lives (shiro) did change and is weaker
- updated F9 (if it shows?)
- Teleport upgrade : 3->9 SP
- Magic Scrolls upgrade : 12->24 SP
- All attributes : 2x SP
- Added combo style (the more combo a unit has taken, the more damage it takes ; this applies only during a short interval)
- If you go in water (through a hit) you sink and die (no matter you invulnerable or not)
- Fixed Dark Sakura kaboom knock out of map
- Fixed Gandr Shot knock out of map (but you will remain knocked out on hills until a smaller hit)
- Fixed Hrunting AOE (2000->1500 range)
- Fixed Hrunting SFX (Arced 1/2 of regular Hrunting and is slower by 1300)
- Added Ilya

Ilya spells :
- Restore (any hit from you or from enemy heals you for a very short time)
- Thunder Rain (caster spell 2nd)
- Ilya Shot (weaker Gandr Shot) : 200mp
- Projectile (approximately the same as Hrunting but weaker) : 400mp
- Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya (approximately the same as Kaleido Ruby) : 500mp

Ilya attributes :
- Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya upgrade (effect increased and more worth for the cost) - 16 SP and +200mp on spell
- Thunder Rain upgarde (+2 hits) - 12 SP
- Ilya Shot upgrade (+1 hit) - 12 SP
- Projectile upgrade (initiates faster Projectile weaponry) - 13 SP

Ilya alternates :
- Projectile II : Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya->Restore->Projectile (514)


Don't Ever Categorize Yourself.
I would say : nice work !!! if it was in english :p
Fail!. your senses have failed you that the reason it is not english is due to the game language itself. your quick judgement is your own undoing.

btw. shiro attack animation is totally weird. [EDIT] i see it is still in beta.


The Evolved Panda Commandant
LONG THREAD! Too long. People aren't going to read that. :p

Make it more colorful, organized, and make distinctive sections so it's easier to read.

Well, Fate / Stay Night is a strange name. The first time I played a random Fate/Stay Night map, it was... horrible, unbalanced, and not english. :D

Good luck! :thup:


long thread
-> the main part you want to read is the start and the end not what is in middle
1 : you want to discover the map by yourself so you shouldn't read what is between start and end
2 : you didn't understand something in the map so you can check in the post what it exactly means
3 : you don't even have enough time to read command spells of F2 while playing

added True Assassin in 2.77


New Version uploaded ! (2.88)
feel free to post your comment/bugs.

2.88->2.89 :
- massive bugs report fix
- -del commands won't work
- fixed SCD mode
- to play in normal game you need write -rlm after all chose its hero
- fixed Illyasviel Not paused problem on Ilya Shot
- fixed Combo problem

new version 2.89.. (in order to fix all those bugs that appeared because SCD installation against the game crash)


if you had to find the following bug you will screw up yourself xd

bug: take Assassin and try to do 3x Tsubame Gaeshi at same time (try your luck to cast it before and just after longer cast..) then get killed. Perma-paused Assassin on ressurection (he can't do anything).

another funny bug: get knocked-out by Reflection LV1 of Lancer (attributes 2-3 on) while using Lancer (with full life) and use Battle Continuation before hitting water (10 million hit points) then you will see you sliding on water extremly far away until you land somewhere you can stand still (because 1 million damage < 10 million hit points :s).

but 2 good things : Zabaniya in 3.04 > Zabaniya in 2.90
sink 3.04 / knockout 3.04 > sink bugs 2.90 / knockout bugs 2.90
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  • Ghan Ghan:
    I've been selected for the Diablo IV beta.
  • Ghan Ghan:
  • The Helper The Helper:
    that is so cool
    Eh just noticed the new discord section on the side. Looks great!
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    :( feels bad I can't ever get selected for any beta I sign up for. It's annoying as heck.

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