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hey guys, I've completed this map and I've tested it a decent amount, but more testing never hurt. The name of the game is Warring Kingdoms.

Warring Kingdoms is a 12-player altered melee game. You start out by building a capitol near a group of trees and start mining lumber to build stuff. The second resource, divinity, is used to train magic units, and can be acquired by building mana springs. There are several types of capturable structures on the map, and in order to capture them you just destroy the structure and then you get it under your control. To ally a player type -ally <player number> and to unally type -unally <player number>. There's a bug somewhere in the map that I've been unable to find that crashes the map, but it's affected less than half the games of this that I've played, so if you guys can find a unit that seems to cause issues please let me know. Other than that feel free to play and test this and provide feedback! Thanks for helping test! In addition to being attached here the map has also been uploaded to makemehost.com, so you can host it and test there should you so choose.


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