Skinpack FireEffect's Skins

i love the lizard rider.

the eredar battle mage looks like a cute 'lil demon!

do you take requests?
Sometimes. The lizard rider was a request. Its harder to do other peoples ideas though because i dont have their concept in my head.
Panda, star mage and sephiroth are cool! :)

Edit: Hmmm.... But i personally feel that the female centaur is kinda spooky =.=. I like panda the most! :)
These skins arent ery good. They are all just copy and paste. Yeah i tried to copy the centaur face on the dryad. Creepy indeed.

His attack animation is going to look wierd =(
DH kid is my 2nd fav, other look very nice too. Gw
My knowledge of skins is puny ,
But could you try again with the sephiroth skin?
Like alpha frostmournes edges to make it look more "thin". ( Frostmourne looks like a fat sag of shiz )
Tho you can't exactly longer tho.
Yeah i know what i did wrong with the blade before now. But i got a new computer so its lost. I would love to completely make a new one though, i might do that soon.

Bump, thinking of more skins to add. Dont have any ideas yet, but ill think of something.
I saw your skins when I first joined but didn't want to revive an old thread. My favorite would probably be the Demon Hunter Kid, followed by the Rage Druid.

Fun Fact: One of the goblins for the goblin sappers have the superman logo on their chest (Just mentioned it because of your superman).

Edit: What is the model for the last one?
Mountain King.

Sorry to revive this thread, but its kinda like a bump, but the download link is broken so if somebody can post the link that would be great. I dont have the skins anymore, sooo...yeah. Also im redoing the hellmermaid, pandit, and lizard rider, once i get the skins back.
LOL at pandit, the name is just so funny
and demon hunter kid lol
but theyre all good, goodjob
Wow, sweet skins :), especially the Hell Mermaid and Starmage. The Demon Hunter kid is cool, too. :p
Skin pack 2 is soon to be released, with better quality skins, most coming in high quality and low quality versions.

EDIT - Im the only model/skin with no attachment so far :p
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