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Sixth beta version of FiveTeam TD Reborn released! :)

Sorry for my little lateness (just 5 months, shit happens, lol). I had it almost finished a lot of time ago, but my laziness is stronger than me. I hope that this project still has a chance to become more popular (for now there is only one person who gave me some feedback).
Well, to be honest, I don't remember most of changes from BETA5 version. But I know there is a huge amount of stuff added, removed, fixed etc.

The most important changes are new towers, completely remade descriptions to them and a lot of balance-related changes.
In my opinion, the weakest side of this map was its poorness in a case of available towers and its balancing. While creating this update, I focused mainly on it.
So, now (almost) all towers are completely remade, changing its stats, price, model and adding new upgrades. There is also a new tower, called "Ground Tower", which has a "Bash" ability.

I've also added a new currency. From now you gain lumber for finishing levels (not for every level you finish, of course).

An example of minor change is a -clear command, which allows you to get rid of text flood on your screen.

The list of changes is really, really long. You need to check it by yourself :)

Well, although I spent many many hours for balancing this map, I know there will surely be a problem with balance. I need to check all the stuff in practice and I would be very thankful for helping me with it. At first, it's important to test this map in multiplayer mode.

Thank you for any feedback you provide and one more time: sorry for lateness.

First post edited with download link.
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