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Map name: Footmen Wars Mini RoC / TFT
Made by: tom_mai78102
Main Targeted Audiences: For any type of players, from newbies to pros.
Players: 12 players.
Latest Version: v0.6 (Read Change Log)
Scheduled Deadline: When I have free time. *
Activity Available: On Friday nights and Saturday.#


Features v0.5g:

Version 0.6 will officially balance units, and will also add more features to it.
Version 0.7 will turn towards different genres instead of being a Melee Arena map. (I think)
Schedules may change in the future.


Added new features! (Will be changed depending on additional map features, whether it's important or not)
EDIT: All edits will be in boldface. Each boldface text will expire after a month.

In the future: I will update a newer description when Version 0.6 is out. If you wish to read the old description, click this spoiler button. The bold-faced changes will be gone after a period of time. Also, my dialup now has added another whopping 4 kilobytes of upload speed. I might be able to upload maps up to 160 kilobytes of file size.


Added a lot of them. I don't know how to list them. But I assure you, you'll see some easter eggs implemented in the map itself. It is optimized, so no peeking!

Added new spawns, buildings with abilities, item, easter eggs, triggers, detection mode, and edited triggers in my map. :D Dang, took me a while!

If you find any issues, please notify me (if you are a member of TH), or go to this link here:

I welcome your comments!! :thup:

Old Description (will be deleted once v0.6 has no issues or bugs):
#: If there is a lot of homework, I may not have time to work on my map. I have a report due in 3/10/2008, and it needs 15 pages of full written text. <--- Finished.

*: I have now more than 3 homework spanning 4 weeks, plus my school's monthly exams is coming. I have no choice but to increase the scheduled time. Hopefully, once homework is done, the scheduled deadline would be shortened back to weekly updates. These will start after the initial release of v0.4.

This map is very specially-designed for dial-up users and slow connection speed users of Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos. It may also be suitable for high-speed broadband users. The latest version is now not only able to maintain the basic structure of common Footmen Wars map, but also allows to be played in TFT.

Before the release of v0.2, it was for 4 players only. As of current version, it is now for 12 players. I guess it will never be changed after that. This isn't made out of large, space-wasting maps that might create lagging problems all because of dial-up or slow connection speeds, or because of how much data it processes during constant play.

If I were you, I wouldn't like being kicked out of a game all because of the lag. While playing this, and you still suffer from lagging, please notify me before you keep on getting kicked. Know some bugs, or some weird activities? If someone would like to help me fix it, or add a few things to it, let me know first, and then I'll see about it later. ;)

A notable thing I have to mention: The WE can support up to 16 players. I don't know if that's possible, but according to some triggers and intentional GUIs, it could be done. :confused:

If there's a comment, please post it up here. :D

Each version will stay up here, until there are more than 5 version releases. If that happens, the first one at the very top will be removed. There's a total of 8 versions, according to the limits, that could only stay up here, within each one contains both RoC and TFT versions.

From version 0.3 and onwards, they will be in zip files. I realized that I cannot upload more than 8 files.

From now on, the Change Logs will be shortened to a pop-up under the Spoilers button.


Change Log:

v0.1: Have created my first map. Only up to 4 players.
v0.2: Now added 8 more players and expanded the map to its outer bounds.
v0.2a: Added defeat conditions and changed some units cost and tech.
v0.2a: From this point on, there will be both w3m and w3x.
v0.2b: Changed very few portions of it.
v0.3: Added fountains, and a few more things. Cleared
v0.2a ~ v0.3: There are two bugs within these maps. I'd taken them down to get them repaired. As of now, v0.2 is bug-free. Find any bugs within these maps, notify me.
v0.3: Bug #1 is fixed (Kill any unit, and the game defeats you), 3:13 PM.
v0.3a: Released as a bug-fixed map, so far. Moving up re-releases.
v0.3b: Released as a bug-checked map. So far, edited Leaderboard, added Elasped timer.
v0.3c: Bug #2 is fixed (Left out a trigger that activates the Defeat conditions), 1:56 PM.
v0.4: Bug #2 fixed again (Much better, have to take down v0.3c), added hero units, 9:43 PM
v0.4a: Bug #3 fixed, removed tech upgrades (It causes player not having heroes), starters don't move.
v0.5: Bug #2 again, fixed by using 4 different conditions. Added features.
v0.5a: Bug #4 fixed. Changed how starters reacted to attacks.
v0.5b: Added features. 100000 golds = 1 lumber
v0.5c: Bug #5 fixed. Fixed the collisions of each building models. Added a few things to it.
v0.5d: Bug #6 fixed. Fixed Income problems. Also, revised by SerraAvenger.
v0.5e: Added game modes, help from OneBadPsycho.
v0.5f: Added a place to gather, changed prices and range of sight.
v0.5g: 99% removed tomes from shops (Kazuga), added a few things. Typos fixed.
v0.6: Added units, buildings, item, easter eggs, and some more, edited triggers.


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Do u have slow conn either? ;P keep avoiding large triggers. Sometimes mappers do 10 separate triggers for each player. Alternate can be done with variable's array [player number of (whatever triggering unit/player)

This footy should take up 12 players also. Interested, do u base ur footy map from other footy? Good luck ;P
How did it go on LAN or on Battle.Net? I will add some slots to it in the near future. Hope you like it. Mappers tend to do separate triggers for each player? That would increase the file size, thus rendering it getting others to be booted off the map more easily.
Player slots doesnt matter. If 12 players fights in midle, there only can be visual lag - when camera and sounds gets laggy, but game doesnt. And visual lag is caused by slow computer, not by internet
I know that, but what I mean is that if too much triggers, the events and actions created by the triggers may be too much for the data itself to be transmitted to other computers at a time. I'm trying to avoid that part of lagging.
Got that! I'll be setting a deadline by this Saturday, hope I have enough time to work on that. If there's a bug or something, tell me what causes it, and if possible, provide a picture of it. Thank you.
Thanks. I'll let you know.

Also, I have updated my first post, and finished my second version. I'll go back and submit the second one on Map submission site.
Bump! Updated my map!

Hello, I've updated my map. If there's any feedback, please post them here. I'll take your ideas, critics, reviews, etc. in heavy consideration.


To linamus:

Can you suggest a symmetrical terrain pattern for my map? All I have is a simple terrain look around the whole map.
Hm, go to world editor, Advanced>View all map, then print screen, CTRL-V in paint, and with paint try to show what should I do, send me map with image, and I polish it for you

This is the latest map version : 0.2b


Using a set of terrains, and use them to create a symmetrical shape of a X. Then create a cross.

Or how about making Ts around the map, making it look like a crosshair/cursor.

Footmen Wars Mini ROC v0.2b.w3m


Footmen Wars TFT v0.2b.w3x
Well, that's my thought. I need someone else's creative ideas. You could even help me edit the whole terrain by your own.

Unless this map's looks is already perfect.
Updated!! v0.2b --> v0.3

Updated the map by a large inch of triggers.

Added panning camera, fountains to take care of weird actions, and a few more things.
there is a bug in your map: when a unit reaches map bounds and any player sees this, the game will crash. ( This counts for all maps )
You'll need to create map borders again : /

hth , Davey
there is a bug in your map: when a unit reaches map bounds and any player sees this, the game will crash. ( This counts for all maps )
You'll need to create map borders again : /

hth , Davey

You mean:

1. A unit reaches the map boundaries --> The unit is in a player's view --> game crashes? (I moved one of my unit around the entire map boundaries, yet no crashes.)

2. A unit is out of playable map boundaries? (How's that possible? A created unit won't be able to get out of the playable map area. A ordered unit can't even touch the black parts of the map.)

I need to see a screenshot of the place where the unit reaches the outside borders, right before the game crashes.


Also, while checking the bug, I noticed another bug not before seen. I might fix it before this Saturday, since version 0.3 map is released prematurely. It started since v0.2a. I had to remove those versions before anyone else finds it.
Updated to v0.3a (first bug-fixed map)!

As of now, I still do not have the test results on Battle.Net. If you had test his map online, and you have some thoughts about it, post them here. Your thoughts are appreciated and welcomed.

Somehow, I can't seem to find the bug that was mentioned by SerraAvenger. If anyone else found this bug, please give me the procedures on how to activate the bug while playing. It would be great if someone shown me a photo of it right before the bug appears. Thanks in advance.
Updated to v0.3b.

Added leaderboard removing unplayable players. Added Elasped timer. Added a few things.

Please notify me of how this map had done on Battle.Net. I need to know if dialup users or slow connection speed users have any problems with this map. Thank you in advance.
Basicaly its imposible if slow-dial can have problems... Just imagine game name: "footy mini roc (only slow internet users)" u expect game to get full by real slow-dialers?
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