Crime For the Simple Crime of Smoking Marijuana, the Government Ruined This Man’s Family Forever


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For the simple crime of smoking marijuana, Texas man Joshua Hill's family is destroyed forever.

The government took Hill's two-year old daughter away from him because he was caught smoking pot while she was asleep. But under the watch of Child Protective Services (CPS), Hill's child was abused and eventually murdered by foster parents.

Hill told KVUE television, “We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care."

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The floor is now open for heated discussion.


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You know, I never hear about the kid that CPS gave a promising new life to. Is that a thing that happens?


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Look thats a sad story and all. but I think its a bit far to blame someone dieing under child care to someone using a illegal drug.

I agree that the foster parents need to prison at the least.

I am not sure where i stand on this, If i think someone taking illegal drugs (No Matter what it is, i dont care if it does nothing) to be rising a 2 year old. but on the other hand foster care is hard on kids and has risk as this extreme example.

But For a parent to be taking a drug they know can get them in huge trouble and potenialy mess up there lives if caught. (assuming the drug doenst hurt them). That sounds pretty darn stupid.

If I had kids I wouldn't take drugs even if M&Ms were illagial if i knew that i could lose my livelihood and really mess up my life if caught by cops.

If i reallly thought the drug was that good i would protest and vote agisnt it, or move. But I wouldnt take that kind of risk on my family. I think the parents that did this were taking way to much risk for too little gain.

But Its a really sad story about what happened to the child. And I do agree that's a bit extreme for a single case.

Thats why freinds i have that even speak of it, I think are so stupid. because they can hurt there lives so much if the law gets involved. Its just not worth it. Protest if you want. But otherwise, there taking such a big risk. I think its just stupid of them.


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My brother used to smoke pot with his wife while their children napped and slept. They would wake up and need attention, love, and consideration and get two messed up parents that couldn't take care of them. My niece used to have marks from where her mother "pinched" her and was quite traumatized on several occasions. I don't think that doing drugs at home when you should be watching your children is good practice. Children need parents that are aware and awake and capable of caring for their needs. I would not leave my house for more than a few minutes while my son sleeps because I would not want him to wake up in an empty house; therefore, I would not do drugs and alter my state of mind while my son sleeps either.

I think that under certain circumstances child custody by the state is a necessary intervention. It may have been the case in this situation...

The real story here is that a child was murdered. Bad people come in many shapes and sizes. These bad people were acting as foster parents. These bad people need severe punishment for what they did. This is horrid.


That was very sad to read.

However, I must say that the article has a pretty awful title. It shows clear bias against the government for imposing such a rule, and gives the impression that it is the government's fault, rather than the foster parents.

The article also is a bit unclear:
Was Hill's "crime" of smoking marijuana worse than the state's prescription of removing his child from the home and placing her into a foster system with as much as 10 times higher risk of abuse?

As much as 10 times higher than what? Higher than parents who smoke marijuana? If it is comparing it to parents in general, then that is really no surprise.

I can agree that the foster system could be improved. However, the article points towards some oppressive government, and I don't agree that that is the lesson to be learned from the article, even if that is what the father thinks.


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Unless the child is directly harmed and (or) abused it should never, EVER be taken from it's parents.


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I like your post, Rover. I don't necessarily agree with you but your reasoning is sound and I respect your opinion on the matter. Hard to argue that the benefits outweigh the risk.


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Child protective services are a threat to muh chilluns, we should ban high-capacity assault CPS' with shoulder things that go up.

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This is an extreme case travesty of justice. I have actually brought this topic up a few times in RL conversations this week. There should just be no way this should ever happen. The law should be set so this would never be a grey area. Kids should not be taken away from a parent because they smoked pot. It does not make them a bad parent.
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