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Discussion in 'Diablo' started by Jedimindtrixxx, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Jedimindtrixxx

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    I was watching some ForceSC2Strategy vids cuz i suck balls at sc2 and am trying to improve and noticed he has some very informative vids on d3, a lot of the info is stuff we already know but there is some cool vids and some new info, such as item tiers and extra info on runestones n wuhtnot.
    well yah anyway he has a diablo 3 playlist on his channel:

    Force's Diablo videos

    Anyway i'll put up the videos, going in chronological order from most recent to oldest in each section (sections not chronological)
    From what i understand the 'diablocast' is just where they introduce the thing and then just discuss it and give opinions for about an hour and the 'purgatory' is where he just gives the info. There are timestamps in the video description for the diablocasts for each section they talk about so you dont have to listen for an hour to hear him talk five minutes about the beta, so if you want go to the actual vid and read the Video info to see the timestamp (sometimes the top rated comment too)


    Blizzcon Videos

    Beta Videos
    Demon Hunter
    Witch Doctor









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  2. Bloodcount

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    Cool. Is there a pvp video :3 ?
  3. Jedimindtrixxx

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    I think there's like two but i havn't watched those yet.

    newest video says town portals are being brought back after being removed from Diablo3. Also beta speculation by him is supposedly like august ish (yay)
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    I might be asking for too much, but once you get to them, can you link them, pleeaaaaseeeeee : ))
  5. Jedimindtrixxx

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    If you want the d3 playlist on his channel click the first link

    anyway i can embed the ones i watch. it'll be on the original post

    EDIT: i got all the videos into the 1st post.

    What I'VE seen if your asking is everything except the podcasts cuz they are too long.
    Il keep the main post updated when new vids are released since im subscribed il see when they are put out

    EDIT2: just re-read what you said, but what do you mean by 'once i get to them, can link them'?? is what i did correct or did i misunderstand? D:
    oh well if i did misunderstand il just leave the vids up there... already did the work. if not then yeah..



    edit3:new video in Other: d3 will be at gamescom

    edit4: new podcast. cool info on it. timestamps in vid description.
  6. Jedimindtrixxx

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    ima bump this so it seems like there is another comment: just saying more videos being added, this one showcases some of the monk spells; more than half are the ones on the main page but theres like, 2 or 3 new spells if your interested in the monk. (at the top of the 'other')

    and guys Y U NO REPLY

    bloodcount u still havnt told me if i did what you wanted or i misunderstood completely D:

    also new purgatory up
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  7. Bloodcount

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    You made something better. Awesome.

    I vote this for sticky : )
  8. Jedimindtrixxx

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    i dont know how i feel about the 2 minute cooldowns. it seems so un-diablo-like, but it just makes it seem like the spells are going to be that much more badass. im prolly gunna wait for the beta/actual game before i formulate an opinion. blizzard has yet to fail me (well not true i cant chat with people who use bnet 1.0 when im on sc2 which is really stupid, and we cant make clan channels and whatnot anymore with all the cool banhammer ability things etc.) but game wise... lets hope it works.
    Theres also a blue quote from Bashiok about it, still uncertain though...
    Offtopic: i've narrowed my options to Barb, demon hunter or (unlikely but still an option) the wizard. im just hoping they kept bows in d3 and not just xbows.

    EDIT: Demon Hunter spells with like 1 or 2 new spells showcased added under 'Other' Section
  9. Jedimindtrixxx

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    Bump: New purgatory (as always newest at the top)
    not as much new info as i hoped but nonetheless info about shields, dyes and more talk about the cooldowns.
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    annnnd the thread is stickkyyyy as it richly deserves to be !
  11. Jedimindtrixxx

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    Yay :3

    new podcast up, talks about Skill cooldowns, the Conference call, Armory and inspect? system, Item drops and the difference between co-op and singleplayer

    ALSO there was a vid i forgot to mention; the vid is in the others section and its just you asking force to ask the blizz team questions during the media event which is like aug 1 or smething. nothing important but its there.
  12. Bloodcount

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    Cool. Can you maybe post a link to the video in the post ? It would be really helpful :3
  13. Jedimindtrixxx

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    I always update the first post, like i said its in chronological order, with the newest at the top. Its under Podcasts, ep:18

    And the other random video is under random at the top.

    Its a long video, but they have timestamps on the video (i think one of the top rated comments) so you could go to what you care about
  14. Jedimindtrixxx

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    New purgatory video, top of the purgatory section.


    also, BETA SOON
  15. Bloodcount

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    Well, Starcraft II season 3 starts 27th, 27th, the Diablo III beta reveal to some gaming sites, the time when you MUST LADDER 1-10th august, the time after which the beta will probably be revealed 1-10th august. From 2nd to 12th august I will be on vacation,will see tiesto, armin van buuren and some other good deejays I just LOVE how the nerd in me is dying do to RL things in that time, fear not though, when I am back I will get myself in a come from spamming DIII beta giveaway sites and tearing the european ladder appart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on a not so related note, I should never drink coffee
  16. Jedimindtrixxx

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    new podcast up, i havnt seen it yet but i will later today. short one it seems though, 30 minutes only. prolly because on aug 1 is when they can only release the info they got yesterday
  17. Monsterous

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    Im going to be all over that Auction House ;D
  18. Jedimindtrixxx

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    ^ buying or selling or both?

    Anyway, 5 new videos i posted up that were put up yesterday but i didnt notice cuz force didnt put them into the diablo 3 playlist, i seperated the just now put up by me ones from the old ones with a line, with the new up top

    i'll organize the media event videos into their proper catagories on thursday, seeing as how if one wanted to watch the media event videos specifically they would have seen it by then. i'll also catagorize the 'other' videos into subcatagories too cuz some people might not care for some things.
  19. Jedimindtrixxx

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    Updated the thing, and sorted all of the media event videos into the proper catagories now, and split 'other' into a few new catagories with 'other' now being random stuff. Also, new announcement to announce the diablocast which is also new which is recording of a live diablocast where they did it during the conference call, so if you want to listen to the conference call watch it but also be careful i heard that it has spoilers they reveal, so i never watched it and just looked up some info on the call which apperently gave nothing.

    now the important stuff:

    New announcement, top of the announcement section, talks about the recent news on needing to re-opt in to the beta, i'm going to make a seperate thread for it right now so check that out,, or the video for more info.

    another new Dcast at the top of the podcasts, and a random video thats not really worth anything at the top of 'other'
  20. Jedimindtrixxx

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    New purgatory up, aka one of the short informative videos, as always newest @the top of the purgatory list. talks about beta and the recent news that has been talked bout a lot recently.

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