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Forest CTF
Version 2.00a, updated 3:08 PM, 12/21/08

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Number of Players: 12 ==== 2 teams of 6

What is it?
Forest CTF is a game in which two teams compete, trying to capture the other team's flag. By default, the first team to 3 points wins.
Each player controls one of six heroes, each with its own unique playstyle, that makes it different from the others.​

Why should I play it?
If you like to compete against other players, then this would be a lot of fun. The heroes are balanced, the game is customizable, and there are lots of things about the game that make it fun.​

Is it playable offline?
Yep! As of the release of Version 2.00a, Forest CTF now includes AI's, which will capture flags, defend flags, protect allies, and kill enemies.​

What's new in version 2.00a?
The biggest additions to version 2.00a are the completely revamped Terrain thanks to Smith_S9, the Warrior, the AI, and many other changes you'll have to see for yourself!​

Full list of Changes in 2.00a
NEW HERO - The Warrior

The Demon Warrior
The Warrior is a completely melee based combat, relying on dealing high damage, and staying near the enemy.



    The Warrior goes into a rampage, increasing his attack damage by 40/60/80/100%, and decreasing his movement speed by 35%.


    The Warrior slashes his sword at the target, dealing high damage, and stunning the enemy for a short duration.

Battle Cry

    The Warrior cries out, increasing nearby allies damage by 15/20/25/30%, and defense by 4/6/8/10.

Charge (Class Ability)

    The Warrior charges the enemy from a distance, slamming into the enemy from up to 900/1200 range, dealing 40/80 damage.

Blood Rage (Ultimate)

    Passively grants the Warrior 6 rage (mana) on every attack.  When activated, it releases the Warrior's rage, causing him to regenerate health at a rate of 4 health per 4 rage every second.

New Ability:

Gnoll Rogue:

Blade Fury (Ultimate)

    The Gnoll Rogue goes into a fury, accelerating his attack rate until exhaustion.  Lasts 10 seconds.  (4/3/2/1 seconds of 25/50/100/200% increased attack rate)

New Item:

    [Artifact] Arcane Talisman - Causes attacks against the wearer to miss 8% of the time, and gives the bearer 100 bonus mana.  It can also be used to restore mana over a short period of time.

-Various balancing changes to abilities:

Assassin's Wind Walk has had a reduction in cooldown, and mana cost, and a reduction in backstab damage.

Mage's Firebolt has had reduced stun duration, shortened cooldown, and increased damage.

Mage's Feedback has had increased mana drained.  Damage is now 80% of mana drained, but should be approximately the same as before the change in mana drained.

When is the next version coming out?

Well, it all depends on you! I need to find bugs, balancing issues, and I need good ideas in order to update! It could be anywhere from a month to 3 months, depending on how much feedback I get!

How can I help out?

The best way to help out would be to test the game. Providing feedback helps me to see the map from your perspective. I will even give rep if you post feedback on how your experience was.

Job Opening: I am currently looking for someone to help out with the object editor. I need someone to balance heroes (or help me do it) and create new items/abilities (or give ideas, as I am capable of doing it myself).


Thanks for your interest! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post. :) I often +rep good ideas, as they are greatly appreciated.


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Firstly, Welcome back :).

Secondly, the map looks interesting, I'll be checking it out later (If you're able to contact me, and if you're able to host, maybe we can arrange a game?)
small map ^^

Best Ideas Comes When You're Not Thinking
The Land Of Wonders: http://www.thehelper.net/forums/showthread.php?t=86883

Yup. When it comes down to it, the map can actually seem quite large for how far you have to run the flag, and not die. There aren't many healing spells in the game (only the pally has a mediocre one), so it's like surviving one attack after the next.

I have actually gotten a little bit of work done on the next version. [current change log deleted]

Currently, when a player leaves the game, his units are removed. However, that makes that team handicapped, because they lost all his items, gold, and experience, as well as a hero and player. To fix this, I have a few ideas, but I'd like to get a little bit of feedback first.

Which do you think would be the fairest way to balance both sides when a player leaves?
A. Hero is given to a computer to control.
B. Hero is given shared control to all allies.
C. All exp and gold (from items in inventory sold as well) is split between all allies' heroes.
D. Other

Please respond with one of these choices, or an alternative. :)

Each has its flaws, though:

A. Computers are generally incompetent, and would require a lot of programming to make a competent one.
B. Many people are not very good at controlling two people at a time, or simply don't care. He could also be abused, and have his items given to a greedy ally.
C. You're still one player short, you can't be everywhere at once.

Also, Version 0.9 Beta is out!


Wolf Bounty is reduced to 2-3 (was 30)
Amount of mana restored by mana pot increased to 60 (was 50)
HP regen amount reduced to 0.04 per point of strength (was 0.05)
Fixed some tooltips
Incapacitating Shot damage increased to 100 (was 80)
Reduced amount of damage done by Storm Bolt by 5
Increased cooldown on Storm Bolt to 20 (was 9)
Amount healed of Holy Light increased
Amount of speed reduced by the flag changed to almost none
Some Powerup locations have been changed, as well as moved out of places where they are not easy to find
Back entry into the southern flag area moved a little to the left
New quick entrance added to the south western Gnomish Trinket Shop
4 new powerup locations
Reduced amount of xp given by xp powerup from 250 to 175
New Items:
Tissue Repair Module - 35 gold, automatically heals the holder Available from Gnomish Trinket Shops everywhere!
Flare Gun - 35 gold, allows the holder to fire a flare to view an area. Available from Goblin Strat Shops everywhere!
I think AI would be best (letter A) :)

AI, though it is hard to program, seems like the best option because if you make the AI good enough, it will be... well, good enough to be a player. xD

Uhm.. Once I make a new account (don't know what happened to my extremely old one), I guess I could play this. xD

Right now, it is solo for me. Which kind of ruins the point. :p That's why I love AI.
Im making CtF too. Can we combine our maps? I had 12 heroes with 4 abilities ( my abilities (not from other maps)) and System of capturing flag is finished. I have 12 types of powerups in three regions i have surprise creeps. 30 mut items. 5 shops with normal items. I have bank in that you can save money and put money from it (any your ally can save and put money from it too (every team has one bank ) you can set individual weather in my map (as in dota) i have multiboard with kill deaths and level (hero level) i have killing system finished.

Can we combine our maps? We can make one !GREAT! map.:D
Sorry, furby777, but whenever I made team maps in the past, I had rather bad luck with them.

To be honest, I think we have different ideas of what kind of CTF we want to make. I do not want a banking system in my map or creeps. I want my map to be very focused on doing a few major things, protecting the flag carrier, protecting the flag area, returning the flag, capturing the flag, and grabbing the flag. I don't want too many side things to distract from this, otherwise the game becomes not fun for those who want to win.

Back to the topic of the map.

I have started working on a new hero to choose from. He is going to be a warrior, similar to a warrior in World of Warcraft. So far, I have created a JASS spell that makes him slide to an enemy, and damaging it. A charge, in other words.

I am also intending to remove the net and Cripple (ultimate) ability from the troll assassin, because net was made for the rogue, and cripple conflicts a little with Shadow Strike, and is made for a unit that NEEDS to stay in melee range of a unit to do damage, like the paladin and a warrior. The Warrior will probably be getting Cripple.

For the Assassin's new abilities, I intend to make him a much more evasive type unit (no, i'm not giving him evasion :p). I want him to be a unit that uses hit and run tactics (Guerrilla warfare), doing high damage in small bits of time, but he will lose if he stays in range for too long.

I have also identified some more bugs, that I will be working on. Thanks again for your support! :D
I have made many new changes to the map, but they are not up for download just yet.

First of all, the max level has been increased to 15. The amount of xp gained from everything has been upped by about 150%, to make the starting levels fast, as well as making it easier to get up to the higher levels.

Since abilities normally only have abilities up to level 10, I have done some modifications.

3 regular abilities, each having 4 ranks
1 semi-ultimate ability, with 2 ranks obtainable at level 2 and 6.
1 ultimate ability, obtainable at level 8

The semi-ultimate abilities are those that are considered important for the hero, and thus you have it early on, as well as an upgrade after playing for a bit.

New Hero:
Murloc Mage
The Murloc Mage is a damage dealing and magic controlling type unit. He has very low hp, and a long range, semi high damage attack.​
Hurls a fiery bolt at an enemy unit, damaging it for 60/80/100/120 and stunning for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. 80 mana cost.​
Mana Shield:​
Aborbs 20/40/60/80% of all incoming damage, in exchange for 4/2/1.5/1 mana per point of damage.​
Each of the Mage's attacks destroy mana. The mana combusts, dealing 4/8/12/16 damage and mana. Deals 20 additional damage to summoned units.​
Semi Ultimate: Blink​
Allows the mage to teleport up to 800/1200 range. Cooldown: 20/14, Mana cost: 60/30​
Ultimate: Summon Water Elemental​
Summons a water elemental to attack the mage's enemies. Attacks fast, with a 600 range, and has a slowing attack. Lasts for 45 seconds, 90 second cooldown.​
You should have some cooler and more CTF-based spells.

Firebolt is an ok obj-based skill since it stuns (for delaying carries).
Mana Shield - eh, it has both sides. It can be obj-skill becuz it protects carrier but then it also counts as just a basic fighting defense skill.
Feedback - I don't think it fits for CTF base game, more fighting type.
Blink - definitely.
Summon Water Elemental - not really good at all for CTF.

But then again, it IS ur map and ur decision. :D

I would suggest skills like:

Auras? Endurance type auras and things.
Delay Tactic Skills? Firebolt, stun, traps, frost related skills, poison.
Escape? Blink, limited WW, speed boost, invunerability.
O/D Support - swap positions, pull target to you, heals.

Anyways, good luck!
But then again, it IS ur map and ur decision. :D

Yes it is, but it won't be much fun if no one will join, or if no one ever hosts it, now would it? :p

I think that the creator of a map only has control over the basic ideas of a map. If they want their map to be in the least bit successful, they have to try to make the specifics to be appealing to the audience, so I respect your opinion, as well as anyone who is willing to post here. :)

I want the game to revolve around teamwork and killing, which makes some abilities more reasonable.

The water elemental has a slowing attack, which at times can be crucial to stopping someone from escaping, or catching up to the mage. Mana is also crucial to many classes, and having feedback enables the mage to cripple an enemy by draining his mana. It also gives him an edge in damage.

Thank you for some ideas for new abilities. I am considering adding in a hunter-type hero, which have a few of your items listed. For example, an Owl Scout, Traps, and possibly a pet.
I'm now working on a hunter type character. So far, I'm nearly finished with the owl scout ability, and the Lay Trap ability.

After I finish the hunter character, and balance it into the map, I will release 0.10, and work some more on the warrior for version 0.11.
Release: v. 1.00!

Here it is, Forest CTF v. 1.00!

New Heroes:

[B][U]Murloc Mage[/U][/B]


            Hurls a fiery bolt at an enemy unit, damaging it for 60/80/100/120 and stunning for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. 80 mana cost.

        Mana Shield:

            Aborbs 20/40/60/80% of all incoming damage, in exchange for 4/2/1.5/1 mana per point of damage.


            Each of the Mage's attacks destroy mana. The mana combusts, dealing 4/8/12/16 damage and mana. Deals 20 additional damage to summoned units.

        Semi Ultimate: Blink

            Allows the mage to teleport up to 1000/1200 range. Cooldown: 20/14, Mana cost: 60/30

        Ultimate: Summon Water Elemental

            Summons a water elemental to attack the mage's enemies. Attacks fast, with a 600 range, and has a slowing attack. Lasts for 45 seconds, 90 second cooldown.

[B][U]Human Hunter[/U][/B]

        Flurry of Arrows:

            When the hunter attacks, it has a 5/10/15/20% chance to fire a flurry of arrows at the target, dealing 30/50/70/90 damage to all the nearby units, and stunning them for 1 second.

        Lay Trap:

            Places a trap at the target location that when activated, stuns the target for 3/3.5/4/4.5 seconds and deals 20 damage per second.


            Summons an owl scout to explore the map from above.  Can see invisible units.  Subsequent levels increase sight distance, and move speed.

        Semi Ultimate: Summon Bear

            Summons a bear to attack your enemies.  15/21 damage per second, 345/400 hp, 10/15% chance to bash for 2 sec for 15/25 damage.

        Ultimate: Silence

            Stops all enemies in the targetted area from casting abilities for 8 seconds.  14 second cooldown.

All the heroes have undergone more balancing, and many abilities have had slight changes in numbers. (For example, sprint has a shorter duration, and a larger increase in speed. Flag locations have been lowered, instead of raised, to discourage camping. Ressurection timer has been reduced.

Since the level cap has been raised to 15, Heroes have recieved extra ranks and abilities:

[U]Gnoll Rogue[/U]:

    Semi Ultimate: Shadow Meld:

        Allows the Rogue to stealth at night.  Takes 2.5/0.1 seconds to take effect.

[U]Makrura Paladin[/U]:

    Rally of Justice: 

        Increases attack/move speed by 20/30/40/50%

    Semi Ultimate: Holy Light:

        Heals the target for 80/160 health.

[U]Troll Assassin[/U]:

    Troll Regen:

        Increases the Assassin's regeneration rate by 1/2/3/4 hp per second.

    Mirror Image:

        Creates a double of the Assassin.  The double takes 200/150% increased damage, and deals 20/30% of the original's damage.

    Ultimate: Shadowstep:

        The Assassin appears behind the target, backstabbing it for 80 damage.

Enjoy! :D
More updates for the progress of version 1.01:

I'm working on Commands right now. So far I have finished 3 cameras:
1. Standard View (type -cam1)
2. Zoomed out, more top down view (type -cam2)
3. 3rd person view <behind the unit, and following him> (type -cam3)

I have finished the Hero selection system. Click a hero once to see his description, and double click to choose.

I have also implemented in a Repick system, which lets you repick your hero by typing -repick.

Although the game already had a kick system, I did not mention it. It is done by typing "-kick 01", "-kick 02", "-kick 03", ... "-kick 12". I have made it so that the host cannot be kicked.

I am also using this function:
function GetHost takes nothing returns nothing
    local gamecache g = InitGameCache("Map.w3v")
    call StoreInteger(g, "Map", "Host", GetPlayerId(GetLocalPlayer ())+1)
    call TriggerSyncStart()
    call SyncStoredInteger(g, "Map", "Host" )
    call TriggerSyncReady()
    set udg_Host = Player( GetStoredInteger(g, "Map", "Host" )-1)
    call FlushGameCache(g )
    set g = null

To detect the host. (Currently, only the host and Darthfett may kick another player)

Last, and least, I have added in a small little command that lets you see what your hero's movement speed is. Just type -ms and it will tell you.
any AI? If you get it, I'm sure more people will love it. AI's one of the elements of a game.
Yeah, AI is always fun and good because 1.) people can practice 2.) if there are not enough players in the game, AIs can fill the slot and 3.) it's fun :D.

We shall be waiting... ... ...
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