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    General Discussion Rules
    • This forum is for GENERAL DISCUSSION - Non Warcraft stuff. For WARCRAFT discussion please post in the Warcraft Talk Forum

    • WRITE YOUR POSTS IN ENGLISH! If you can't write English very well then say so, otherwise we will assume you are good at English. IF WE FEEL YOUR POST IS CRAPPILY WRITTEN WE MAY DELETE IT OR CLOSE THE THREAD DOWN.

    • Do not badmouth or abuse anyone, ESPECIALLY THE MODERATORS.

    • Use manners when posting towards other members. Do not flame or personally attack other members. This is including but not limited to 'noob', its variants and name calling.

    • Do not "bush-bash" or insult one's nation/political leaders - This includes "bush-bashing," or other attacks on one's country or political leaders.

    • Do not write your post entirely in capital letters - this is considered shouting, and is very annoying.

    • No "I'm leaving" or "I'm back" threads - while we're happy to hear that you like TheHelper enough to come back, or sad to hear you're leaving, it's nothing more than spam.

    The Helper and your health.
    Lately many threads have been popping up about medical problems and how to treat them. This thread is to remind members that we are a technical forum, (with some other features) and that we are NOT a Medical or Health Forum! None of us are trained professionals, nor are we there to help you in person. Meaning our advice is probably not the best.

    So please, before someone gets themselves more sick or injured, DO NOT post threads containing questions about your medical or health condition. It will be closed by a mod that will tell you that you should go see a professional.

    Heed that message well, if you wish to have medical knowledge on something, please use a site like WebMD or better yet ask your own professional doctor.
    ~ Miz and The Helper Staff

    Amendment - For those seeking personal advice on problems, such as family affairs, mental health, etc. Those threads would fall under this message, so please do not post such threads in the General Discussion!
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